I almost always take part in Lent every year.  Lent is a period of fasting in the Christian calendar, when one gives up a luxury item, to symbolise their respect for when Jesus walked through the desert without food or water.

This year I decided to give up sugar, as has my lovely friend Michaela (check out her delightful blog entitled The Giggles Of Life ).  I consume far too many sugar filled products, so it was a no-brainer when thinking of what to give up.  Its been thirteen days so far.  Thirteen LONG days.  The first day was calm, but when it got to the second day I started to fade. After four days I became angry at not being able to eat things I never realised contained sugar. 

You would be surprised what food stuffs contain sugar; McCoys Salt & Vinegar crisps, Snack-a-Jacks Salt & Vinegar, every brand of instant hot chocolate you can name and Volvic flavoured water, to name but a few.  Thank god I have Michaela to give me disapproving looks every time I go to put something in my mouth.  Her face is so descriptive, I can actually hear her voice saying "Why are you eating that? You do know it has sugar in it."  These words are sent telepathically between us until I whinge and stop chewing.  No seriously, without that I wouldn't check the ingredients of my food! Sometimes I assume and get it wrong.

Although I feel like its difficult sometimes, I would never consider quitting.  I always remind myself why I am doing it.  If you forget, its very easy to slip.  So here's to the remaining days (twenty-seven if you're counting) may we prosper and be free from sugar cravings from now and forever more. AMEN!


  1. I admire how strong you are! I would never have the will power to keep it up!! It's crazy how much food has sugar in it! I hope you are able to keep it up until Easter and then make sure to treat yourself big time :P xxx

    Sinead - sineaddreamingagain.blogspot.ie

    1. Thank you very much. Its definitely not easy! There will most definitely be a pig out at Easter haha.

      Much love.
      Peachy xx


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