10 books you must read!! #1

Hey guys! Happy Monday to you all.  I hope you are enjoying your Bank holiday weekend (for all my UK viewers).

I was in the book shop Waterstones the other day, and although I'm not currently reading fiction, I was walking around recommending some books to my friends.  It was suggested I write a post about my recommendations so here I am! 

This is what I also got up to in the bookshop...

(For those wondering, I'm the one in the middle, that's Kayla on the left, and Jazz on the right)

Last year, I challenged myself to read 100 books.  This proved very difficult to work around college work and family life.  However, I did read a fair few.  Reading is my greatest pleasure.  I will pledge to make more time for it this week.

So!  From my catalogue of read books over the last year or so I shall make some recommendations.

1. Before I go to Sleep by S.J. Watson.
A married woman who has an accident, wakes up everyday to find she has forgotten her life.  How does she remember to function and what is her life like?  This book had me mouth open shocked by the ending.  I found it to be amazing.

2. Calling Me Home by Julie Kibler
Inspired by a true story.  Set in Kentucky 1939, a young rich white girl called Isabelle becomes attracted to her black house maids son.  Many years later, as an old woman, Isabelle travels to Ohio for a funeral where the results of her actions becomes apparent.  How far would you go for love?  I shed a few tears over this book.

3. Apple Tree Yard by Louise Doughty
Yvonne is a respected scientist who one day decides to begin a passionate affair with a man she meets in the houses of parliament.  Little does she know that as she loses herself in him she loses the ability to see what is right in front of her.  Her carelessness lands her on trial for murder.  I read this in two days because I could not put it down!

4.The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini 
The story of two Afghan boys who are the best of friends, and how their friendship is torn apart by jealousy, hierarchy and war and political influences.  A very touching read.

5. Sycamore Row by John Grisham
This is the sequel to A Time To Kill.  If you have not read that before I don't think it really matters.  The only link between these books is the characters.  But Grisham does give you a little detail about them, which is perfect for those who have not read the first book.
Jake Brigance is back! This time he has been left the will of a white man who wishes to leave everything to his black maid.  As always with Grisham books the legal storyline is superb.  And the drama surrounding the court is typical for Brigance.  Really enjoyed this one.

I'll leave it there for now, but I will post another 5 next week.  Is there anything you could recommend to me? Let me know in the comments, or tweet me! 

Much love everyone <3
Peachy x


  1. I will be giving Apple Tree Yard a go :) I like how you gave a little summary and your opinions on each of the books. This will be a post I'll look forward to xxx

  2. Thanks sugar :-) You've GOT to let me know what you think of Apple Tree Yard! xxx

  3. Hello fellow book-lover. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving those comforting words.

    I love books and its another thing I don't get to do much any more. I've not read any of these books but I have read A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini . Next on my list is his new one And the Mountains echoed but I'm not ready yet. I think it will be heavy and I'm sure to cry lol. I'm a fan of Kate Mosse so I currently have a library copy of her short stories collection The Mistletoe Bride. Your book selection number 1 sounds like my kind a book. I will look out for that :0)

  4. Hey Ms Xpat,

    I have a borrowed copy of A Thousand Splendid Suns but have yet to pick it up. I am looking forward to reading it. I have not read any of Kate Mosse's books so I will check her out. Do let me know how you get on with Before I Go To Sleep.

    Much love xxx

  5. So glad to find another book lover! I am obsessed with the Kite Runner, we read in in sixth form and I just loved it. I also really love the way Grisham writes, so I'll definitely be checking 'Sycamore Row' out! I'd recommend The Fault in Our Stars, if you haven't already read it, or the Time Keeper by Mitch Albom -one of my favourites. (: x

  6. Thank you so much for responding to my tweet! I find it tricky to find fellow book lovers. I have heard good things about The Fault in Our Stars, that will be my next fiction read. I am not familiar with the Time Keeper so I will look it up on amazon.

    Much love xx


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