Thankful Thursday

It's been a fortnight like no other!  My college course is drawing to a close, my stress levels reached a high but thankfully subsided, I have had some magical moments and some really thought-provoking ones.

My fortnightly delights

This week I have taken some time out to concentrate on what really matters to me as well as the things that I have been neglecting.  So far so good! I have been focussing on growing as a person and evaluating my current position.  Here is what I have been thankful for these past couple of weeks:

Love is such a beautiful thing. 
Sometimes we can unintentionally take it for granted, but
that doesn't mean we are not grateful for it.  Where would we be without
Whatever the amount my be.  I am grateful to be able to eat
and feed my family.
There is a book for everything!  I do not know what I would do
without books or the ability to read.
My little people
One of which made my name out of lego.  How patient they have been while I tear
my hair out over coursework.  Love them.
My tutor
There are some tutors who it is ok to have a meltdown in front of and some
who don't care.  My tutor is the former.  Hats
off to him, seriously.
Support, support, support.  The end is nigh, so I will see you all
at the end of June!
Have any of you had a any magical moments lately?  What are you thankful for?

Sending you all love and rainbows.  Much love  xxx

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