A little break..


As the summer gets underway I have decided to take a mini break from blogging.  I have a million things to experience and loads of plans to act out and mini getaways planned...

But, fear not! I shall return with a vengeance on the 11th August.  Feel free to brew up a cup of chai and peruse my back catalogue until my inevitable return! 

Much love everyone xx

Summer Photo Diary #1






The vibrant and cultural atmosphere of Camden Lock is a must-do on anyone's 'to-do list'.  Wrapped up in music and smiling faces while you sample the wears of street vendors, brings nothing but joy and peace as you walk the crowded market town.  Pick up a bargain on one of the famous market stalls, take a walk along the canal or simply mooch around and absorb the sights = bliss.

What is your favourite thing about visiting Camden?

Much Love. Peachy x

WIstful Moments in Manic Situations


There are some days when I would like to pack up my stuff and leave.  By leave, I mean that I would go somewhere remote and just be for a while. The city has too much going on, is too fast paced and feels too crowded for me sometimes.  I like nothing more than to have my own space when I can and to spend time in my own company.  

I like to feel the wind on my face, smell fresh air and hear only the sounds of nature which my city rarely provides.  However, better than wishing things were different, is to adapt to the situation you are in. 

I hope the Universe will allow me these few moments of wistfulness :) 

Peachy x

Thankful Thursday

Someone once said to me "Be thankful for what you have, because someone somewhere is fighting for your position."
I am thankful to have passed my college course with flying colours.  Nine months of hard work and faith granted me the results I needed to move on to bigger things!  I am so grateful!
I am grateful for the good weather; I love the sun.  No matter how hot it gets, I never complain.  Winter is my least favourite season so sunny days are the one for me.
I thank the Universe for my family.  Everything I do is for them.  I am so grateful they are happy and healthy. 
I am thankful for my health.  All the stress and sleepless nights I put my body through and yet I am healthier than most.
I am thankful for the money in my pocket and the food in my cupboard.  There are so many people who have a lot less, so whatever my financial situation I remind myself of the audacity of complaining while others are worse off.
There is always something to be thankful for, regardless of your situation.  I don't just mean material things either.  Often, the things with the most value are not physical.
Happy Thursday xxx

Ways to overcome a negative mindset, instantly.

Hiding under the covers doesn't help at all.

We all have moments where we doubt ourselves, over think or conjure up unhelpful thoughts.  In those moments, choose to override your negativity.  Of course you may not get it right every time, but practise makes perfect!  There are things that may help you to turn your thoughts around (gradually) in these instances. 
Let me know if any work for you.

1. Watch a film.
Getting lost in the drama of a story can help to focus your mind elsewhere.  I think it goes without saying to stay away from Titanic and Marley and Me though.  A comedy or love story never fails.  Guys, try a hard hitting action film.  Sorry for the stereotype.

2.  Get outdoors!
Your favourite park/museum/attraction.  I have a lovely spot close to home where I sit and clear my head for a couple of hours.  It is peaceful and very very quiet with beautiful scenery. 

3.  Be active.
Kick start your engine mate! Running, yoga, stretching, walking whatever gets you moving. I fully recommend Just Dance on the Wii/Xbox. 

4. Mediation
To meditate is simply to find peace in the tornado that is life.  When you cannot find peace around you, let your inner peace transcend to your surroundings.  Sit for 5-10 minutes with your eyes closed, concentrating on your breathing and the functioning of your body.

5. Get artsy.
Do something creative.  Draw how you feel.  Paint something, make something.  Decorate a room. Paint your nails.  Plan some outfits.  Design something.  Write a story.  Anything that calls for your to use your creative vision will expel your negative energy AND turn it into something cool.

None of these activities will prove fruitful without mindfulness.  Mindfulness is the art of living and being in the moment; focusing on the task in hand.  If you are going for a jog but constantly think of how much you want to hurt your cat for spilling milk everywhere, by time you get back you will not feel any different.  Take a deep breath, and plough full stream ahead into what you are doing.  If your thoughts start to stray, gently remind yourself to concentrate on what you are doing.  This does take some practise so don't beat yourself up for not being able to do it.  I am still mastering this skill.  However, I am a lot better at it than I was a year ago, and even more so a year before that.

Much love everyone.
Peach xxx

Let's have a blessed week! - Using Social Media.

Social Media is a wonderful thing.  For example, if I did not have a social media account (multiple) I would not know that Aspartame causes cancerous cells.  Aspartame is found in soft drinks and has 92 different side affects that can cause ill health ( Sweet Poison ).  Nor would I know that David Cameron took part in the 'Hang Mandela' campaign, while Nelson Mandela was imprisoned, with the Federation of Conservative students ( Political Blindspot ).  Do you remember Cameron issuing a statement of condolence?
On the flip side: without social media I wouldn't have been able to see Cheryl Cole's wedding ring from her new marriage.  I definitely would not have seen Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's first wedding snaps, and how else would I have seen Iggy Azaela's new bum skimming shorts.  Yes, another pair.
Just like life, you get out of social media what you put in.  If you choose to follow meaningless celebrities and famous-for-getting-your-clothes-off women, then you will live in a very different world to the people that follow conscious beings and enlightening accounts. 
At least once this week, use your social media for good.  Positivity.  There are people with real causes and IMPORTANT information struggling to get their voice heard because of the Iggy's and Kimye's that have more air space on the timeline.  Find some thing meaningful, something that hits home, something that can help someone and POST IT, please. 
That one tweet, post, upload could make a difference to someone who needs it.  Or even better, save someone's life. 
Feel free to follow me on my social media accounts. My links are at the top of the page.  I will retweet or repost every post/tweet of the aforementioned nature, just @ me.
Much love to you all.
Peach x

Itching for an Adventure

Welcome to July!


It is time to make summer plans.  What can I do that satisfies some of my life goals, and current wishes.  Where can I go to find peace and sunshine? What must I see in my city I do not yet know about?  Who can I include in my summer time fun?

The summer holidays will soon be up on us.  I like to get organised and plan the things I wish to do.  Not necessarily the exact days I will be doing things, but the desired week.  I will draw up a calendar and timetable before writing  list of activities I wish to partake in.  The little people will have a say in what they want to do too!

I have a long list of family and friends I need to see.  Long awaited cinema trips, picnics, museum visits and photography opportunities to be had.  As well as that I will be documenting my mystical madness right here on the blog.  So look out for sweet treats, sandwiches, football and laughter.  We may even buy a Unicorn! (When I say buy I mean bargain with someone to get us one.  Most likely the Mister. But he doesn't know it yet.)

Anyone else thinking of Summer??
Have you made plans? I can't be the only one!

Love you guys xx
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