Itching for an Adventure

Welcome to July!


It is time to make summer plans.  What can I do that satisfies some of my life goals, and current wishes.  Where can I go to find peace and sunshine? What must I see in my city I do not yet know about?  Who can I include in my summer time fun?

The summer holidays will soon be up on us.  I like to get organised and plan the things I wish to do.  Not necessarily the exact days I will be doing things, but the desired week.  I will draw up a calendar and timetable before writing  list of activities I wish to partake in.  The little people will have a say in what they want to do too!

I have a long list of family and friends I need to see.  Long awaited cinema trips, picnics, museum visits and photography opportunities to be had.  As well as that I will be documenting my mystical madness right here on the blog.  So look out for sweet treats, sandwiches, football and laughter.  We may even buy a Unicorn! (When I say buy I mean bargain with someone to get us one.  Most likely the Mister. But he doesn't know it yet.)

Anyone else thinking of Summer??
Have you made plans? I can't be the only one!

Love you guys xx


  1. Having a list makes it easier. I have a couple of things for my to-do list. Do indeed get the Mister to get you your unicorn. I'm happy that you're keeping up with the blog. I can always see how you're getting on :)
    Kayla xxx

  2. Will keep you updated on the Unicorn front. Lots of love xxx


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