WIstful Moments in Manic Situations


There are some days when I would like to pack up my stuff and leave.  By leave, I mean that I would go somewhere remote and just be for a while. The city has too much going on, is too fast paced and feels too crowded for me sometimes.  I like nothing more than to have my own space when I can and to spend time in my own company.  

I like to feel the wind on my face, smell fresh air and hear only the sounds of nature which my city rarely provides.  However, better than wishing things were different, is to adapt to the situation you are in. 

I hope the Universe will allow me these few moments of wistfulness :) 

Peachy x

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  1. I did find it difficult in London. Just the constant noise of traffic. But then again, I was living on the main road :D I myself find places such as parks and churches and just sit for as long as I want. Everyone needs their 'me time' xx


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