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You’re a ghost, driving a meat coated skeleton made from stardust, what do you have to be scared of?  Your beauty is not in the shape of your flesh, the contours of your face, but the depth of your soul.  You are unique and God made you that way.

Are you happy where you are?  Not just physically but mentally.  Think.  Don’t like where you are? Move; you are not a tree!  Get up, sit down, walk about, come back.  CHOOSE to be happy.  Choose to be sad.  Choose to be content.  Choose to be determined. 

Go out and get what you want from life, but make a plan first.  Write down where you want to be in 5 years time, 3 years time, 1 years time.  Too difficult? Plan the next 10 minutes.  Just make a plan.  List all the things you’d like to achieve.  Achievements can be based on what you love, what you enjoy, and what you are good at.

We all have talents.  Every single one of us.  Don’t think you’re very good at something? PRACTISE.  You can be better if you want to.  Grown-ups always tell their children- “go on, just try.”  In reality there is no ‘try’, only do or do not.  So, do. Do not, do not.  You can do it.  Believe in yourself.

That old cliché that ‘life is what you make it’.  Let’s make it good.  Spread love.  Be kind.  Talk to your family.  Help someone in need.  Ask your relative if they're ok.  Really listen to your friends.  Good things happen when we do good.  Blessings come in abundance when we do good.

Do you know now?  Do you know you can do anything you want? Have you realised the power you have to create?  Now tell someone else :)
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Happy Friday to you all xxx

Public Service Announcement

Hello there and welcome to The Randomness of Unicorns!

I delighted to tell you that I have changed address! 
My blog has now moved home and with that comes a fantastic new email account. 

I am so so happy to present to you my new blog address - www.tro-unicorns.uk 

and my new email- peachy@tro-unicorns.uk
If you are here for the first time, I am glad to have you.  For all my existing readers, thank you for being here since the beginning as we enter the 6th month of my blogging age.
Much, much love to you all and I hope you enjoy The Randomness of Unicorns!
Peachy xxx

Special People.


Life is full of good and bad people.  Both of which will teach you lessons.  Aside from them there is the odd special person who will walk in to your life and take your breath away.  I have one of those people.

I would like to dedicate my 70th post to the person who has only ever influenced my life positively- my best friend. 

Without you, what would I be doing I wonder?  How would I have learnt to forgive and act with love?  Who else could I possibly talk to about making decisions (because I have so much trouble deciding)? 

You may not always feel appreciated, but I promise you my heart sings for you.  Nobody is perfect but what matters is we try, right?  Thank you for trying. 

In the hours that I am unsure you appear and remind me I am enough.  You remind me that I am doing the best I can.  We all need a little reminder right?  Thank you for reminding me.

When I need some comfort, you run to me with hugs, wrapping me in love and reassurance.  We all need hugs sometimes right?  Thank you for hugging me. 

Even when I am physically alone I can feel your warm spirit in the depth of my heart, your gentle voice in the forefront of my mind, and I am able to envision your smiling face, ever so encouraging. 

Thank you for being special.  Thank you for being you.  Thank you for being my best friend.  I love you.  Friends forever.

All my love xxx 

Let's have a blessed week!

No more using camouflage against commitment!

Raising children is not easy, but doing so is a (big) commitment.  Kittens can be troublesome, but choosing to buy one is a commitment.  So what is commitment?  It can be described as sticking with something; a task or an activity.  I have also heard it described as 'continuing to do something, long after the mood you said you would do it in, has left'.  I think that is exactly it.

This week I have a commitment to something big.  Something I usually get fed up of half way through doing.  You're probably wondering why I am doing it then, and the answer is because it is not for me.  I am not doing it for me. 
However, we all have self commitments; gym memberships, reading, eating habits.  This week I am choosing to focus on this one item.

Goal-  To carry out my commitment with the same positive attitude I had when I agreed to do it!

Positive Thought- I will remind myself that at some point I needed the same commitment from someone, and that committing to something for another person brings them great joy.

What are you committed to this week?

As always, have a very happy Monday and a blessed week.
Much love xxx

Robin Williams. Sunrise- 21st July 1951 : Sunset- 8th August 2014

(picture taken from Twitter)

Robin McLaurin Williams.  Actor, comedian, stand up comedian, film producer and screen writer. 
The world is still in shock to hear that he passed away yesterday August 11th 2014.

I remember Robin from some of my favourite films as a child.  I loved to watch comedy films, films that made you giggle and howl with laughter.  

I watched Robin play Batty Koda in Fern Gully, and transported us to a magical world of faries and magic ( way before Avatar).  I had the film on VHS and recall slotting the tape into the machine, whenever I could get the television on its own.
I know all the words to Aladdin.  The genie was always my favourite character and the great friendship him and aladdin had used to fill me with warmth.  I have this film in my collection today.
You could always catch Hook on television, on a Sunday afternoon.  Hook is one of those films that childhoods are made of. Robin made The character of Peter Pan come alive and fill us with dread about growing up, ha!  

You will ALL be familiar with Robin playing the nanny Mrs. Doubtfire.  I loved the part where Uncle Frank and Aunt Jack tired and tested all of their make up and wax on Daniel to try and turn him into a woman.  And the famous line- "Helloooooooo dear!!!" When he emerges out the fridge with cake face to a shocked Mrs Sellner to which he replies "I'm sorry dear, I must look like a yeti in this." Hahahaha.
I also had Jumanji on VHS, where Robin played Alan Parrish.  My favourite line has to be when Sarah Whittle says "Well...a little rain never hurt anybody." And Alan replies "Yeah, but a lot can kill ya."  I used to fear the Hunter as a child.  I liked the bit when monkey Peter uses the axe he's looking for to get into the shed, then he realises what he's doing hahah.  And what about when the aunt calls the house for Judy and Peter- Judy picks up and puts on a posh English accent to say "Oh im sorry dear, I think you have the wrong number!" And promptly hangs up. Hahah can you tell I love that film. I own that on DVD too.  

Robin also gave us the story of a mad scientist who created flubber, the tale of a young boy called Jack who ages rapidly, and a favourite of my little Unicorn lovers, Happy Feet, the penguin movie.  With a career spanning from 1977 until the present day, its safe to say Robin Williams made a mark in everyone's film collection or their splitting sides! 

Haven't seen any of those?! How about- 
Good will Hunting, Patch Adams, Bicentennial Man, A.I Artificial Intelligence, One Hour Photo, RV or. Night at the Museum to name a few. How about one of the 25 television shows he was in?  Mork and Mindy being the most recognised.

Mr. Robin Williams thank you for the memories sir. May god bless your soul and keep your loved ones. Your comedy will live on forever.  Much, much love. XXX


Nothing sweet about me. Yeah.

So, 'about me'.  Who am I?  Well you already know why I'm called Peachy (Peach, Peachy Peach, P).   But why would I prefer to be random with Unicorns than walk with alley cats?

I have put together a montage of juicy facts to help you move closer to discovering the answers.  My lucky number is 13, so 13 morsels of juiciness is what I shall present!

1. A book changed my life.
The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield was recommended to me about four years ago by a good friend.  I was at a point in my life where I was lost.  I knew that I did not want to continue living how I was, but I did not know where to go.  A whole new world opened up in front of me after I read this book.  I understood myself a lot better and life continued to progress positively from that moment onwards.

2. I am not particularly fond of ice cream.

3. I am a tea fanatic!
I will drink anything caffeine free; fruit tea, herbal tea, etc.  I have a cupboard in my kitchen with a plethora of varieties and flavours.

4. I know all the words to Home Alone 1 & 2.
My favourite film from my childhood.  To this day I still laugh at all the same parts. It never gets old. 

5. I love to play board games.
My favourite is Monopoly.  At the moment we have 5 different versions in our house.

6. My speciality subject on Mastermind would be music.

7. Every Tuesday I read the television guide in the shop, to find out what will happen in all the soaps for that week...then I return it to the shelf.

8. I collect notebooks.
All sizes, all styles and different varieties of expense.  Believe me, there is a notebook for everything!

9.  I DO NOT eat bananas.

10. I recently found out that the place Diagon Alley in Harry Potter is actually a play on the word diagonally.
I'm sure everyone knew this but me.  Kayla looked at me like I was a Martian when she realised I did not know.

11. I laugh loudly in public.
I usually burst out laughing and end up with tears streaming down my face accompanied by some sort of screech or howl.

12.  My favourite cartoon as a child was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

13. A good friend once told me 'change the way you look at things, and the things you look at will change.'
If you think things are rubbish, I guarantee they will continue to be. Change your mind-set and things will look up :)

I would like to take this time to say thank you to all of you who are reading, who regularly read and who are reading for the first time.  I hope I have made you chuckle or at least inspired you to dash to WH Smith and read the TV guide.  Much love to you all xxx

Peach x
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