At Christmas time....

Christmas is a time to celebrate family, new birth and loved ones.  A christian festival that celebrates the birth of Jesus.  It has got to be the most celebrated festival in the world.

Picture a child who rates Christmas as one of her favourite times of the year.  The child's nanny cooking.  The whole family spending time together.  Fond memories of eating a wonderful Christmas dinner, Cadbury's chocolate selection boxes and television marathons 'til late.  That time she received the Monopoly board game and asked her uncles and aunt to join in.... That would be her best memory forever.

Fast forward a few years and life is not the same.  No longer the whole clan sitting together, because one is missing.  Nanny is gone.  No longer will that child witness her beloved relative watch over the precious turkey.  Nor will she have those special hugs and the love no one can replicate.  The house she grew up in gone, all those memories lost.  It can only be described as a sad time.

While most would treasure times that were, carrying with them the recollection of happier times, striving to achieve the once beautiful magic of Christmas, this child did not.  Burned from the absence of her dearest nanny, she repels all that Christmas is, seeing only the negative; splashing out on gifts and food overdoses.  Each year from December 1st, the familiar dread of the repetitive feeling of loss.  "I hate Christmas".

How can one change their outlook?  She never thought it would ever be the same.  And yet, there was hope.  There is always hope.  It takes a certain situation, a winding process or a defining moment to bring about change.  She got her change.

Unafraid of her pessimism and dismissals, he coached her; guided her, showed her, what it means to 'celebrate'.  Celebrate and rejoice.  By way of love, her eyes were opened and she felt.  For the first time in as long as she could remember, she felt.  "Christmas should be about family celebrating each other", she said.  "So make it about that", he replied.  And that is what she did.

No longer a child herself, she thought about her offspring.  Their excitement over gifts and good food.  Every adult knows, that Christmas is magical for children.  Her Unicorn lovers should have the same magic she had.  Definitely.

Nanny would be proud.  Look at her little granddaughter keeping her memory alive.  Look at her living, enjoying Christmas.  Finally she is free from her demons, she can create more wonderful memories for her children.

That is what Christmas is all about.


  1. I loved this post. Its the same for me, with Christmas never being the same again, with Gran gone. You really do love monopoly :D I hope you have the most wonderful Christmas, bringing back the traditions you shared with your own family growing up :) xx

  2. Thank you so much :) Merry Christmas to you. Here's to new memories xxx


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