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1. Mindfulness in 8 weeks by Michael Chaskalson
2. The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield
3. Feel the Fear and do it anyway by Susan Jeffers
4.  The Power by Rhonda Byrne
I'm back in the mind, body & spirit section of the book store again.  If you are not familiar with my wavering beliefs, in Spirituality and Christianity you can read about it HERE for some background information.


Definition of Family-  A group of people from a common stock,
                                                                 A group of related things 

1 Year!

On this day, exactly 1 year ago, The Randomness of Unicorns was born!

A special mention to my little people who show a huge interest in mummy's hobby
and drew this picture <3

I can remember the exact moment I came up with the name for my blog.  The Randomness of Unicorns, was the second potential name I came up with,,.  Something about it just clicked with me and that was that.  It sums up both the wonder and madness that is my mind, and invokes a feeling of adventure within me.

I am so very proud of my creation.  It is just how imagined it to be.  I am able to express my creativity through writing.  Here, in my little bubble I can  convey the hopes, dreams and fears my heart holds.  I can exhibit my thoughts and experiences in a safe environment.  On a steady platform.

I value every single person who reads my posts: whether a serial reader, a sporadic reader or a one time passer-by.  The feeling of people taking an interest in something you have worked hard to present is amazing.  Even more amazing if they can take something from it.

Writing to me is a form of declaration.  A way in which one can organise their thought patterns.  A chance to spread positivity to others (and remember positivity can be found in everything).

As I live, I learn. 
As I learn, I write.  
As I write, I Love. 

Thank you so, so much for reading.  Much Love, Peachy xxx

A caffeine free life.

I have always been a hot drink lover.  Whether it be tea, a starbucks coffee or a hot chocolate.

I grew up in a household that loved a cup of tea.  Namely, Tetleys or PG tips.  I never saw any harm in consuming tea, however when I got to my teens my mother introduced me to fruit/herbals teas and I would occasionally have a one of them.  My favourite was lemon and ginger.  And we also had peppermint in the house.

I was far from a coffee drinker but Starbucks made coffee attractive.  I really liked their Caramel Nut Lattes or their Caramel Mochas.  I want to add that coffee had what I would call a bizarre affect on me.  Rather than keep me awake, it would make me hyper and giggly, but my eyes wold feel so tired. The high lasted for about an hour max and then I'd suddenly feel very sleepy.  I had an unfortunate experience with caffeine a few years ago where for no reason at all I felt depressed -  Sad and very unhappy with a feeling of anxiousness.  I felt very lethargic and unmotivated and I could only relate it to the coffee I had just consumed.  It was a very scary experience.  After it passed, I swore I would never to consume caffeine again.

Following this, a family member told me that tea actually had caffeine in it too.  As silly as it sounds I had no idea!  This pushed me to cut out normal tea completely.

I researched the effects of caffeine and found that it is a stimulant that acts on the central nervous system to imitate the bodys "fight or flight" response.  Being stressed can heighten the effects of caffeine.

You may even be surprised to know that milk and dark chocolate contain caffeine.  Although, milk chocolate contains less than dark chocolate.  Caffeine is also present in green tea.

Here's what I'm drinking at the moment.

I have found an alternative to caffeineated tea called Rooiboos, which is a plant that originates from South Africa.  To me, it tastes like normal tea, but obviously does not contain the caffeine content.  I like Tetley's Redbush version (they also do one with vanilla).

There are many varieties and flavours of herbal/fruit teas, and they each have properties that are good for the body, not to mention they taste great.  Now,you will all know what I mean when you hear me say I am enjoying a nice cup of tea.

Next time you are in the supermarket, why not have a look at the fruit teas....you made find there is a flavour that appeals to you.

Much Love.  Peachy x
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