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[From top left, clockwise]
1. Mindfulness in 8 weeks by Michael Chaskalson
2. The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield
3. Feel the Fear and do it anyway by Susan Jeffers
4.  The Power by Rhonda Byrne
I'm back in the mind, body & spirit section of the book store again.  If you are not familiar with my wavering beliefs, in Spirituality and Christianity you can read about it HERE for some background information.

So, yes I am back.  And I find that my justification is as simple as this- I want to believe in something.  I want to believe in myself and feel powerful enough to take all that I believe in and make it work for me.  I want to believe in the laws of the Universe, in God.  Yes, I can live without belief and that would be fine too.  However, believing in something gives me...I cant even describe it...something to focus on? For want of a better phrase.  
What I will say, is this time I will not buckle to the pressure of my peers or society.  Following my own path in life is just as important to me as what I believe in.  It is easy to get sidetracked by the views of others, thus forgetting that its you who has to live in your shoes,  I have learnt never to make decisions based on the opinions of others, for it is you who has to live with the consequences.
I have decided to take the next 4 weeks out of my busy life and focus.  Focus on myself.  I want to take the time to breathe....meditate and just be.  The only thing I am going to be doing besides that is devouring these books!
Naturally, it took me a day and a age to choose these (because I am indecisive like that), but I am happy with my selection.  I have come to understand that I am just a person who takes her sweet time over choosing books, and I am okay with that.
Three of the books are new to me, but The Celestine Prophecy is one I have read before.  I have decided to pick it up again as I feel like I'm at a defining stage in my life where a little guidance is needed.  I have labelled it 'the book that changed my life'.  Look out for a blog post explaining why I am deemed it so.  I have started off reading The Power by Rhonda Byrne, so lets see how that goes.
Have you read any of these books?  What do you think of this genre of books? Let me know!
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  1. i've read rhonda's other books but completely forgot she had another one out, definitely going to go and get it soon!

    danielle | avec danielle

    1. I have also read The Secret. I will be writing a review on The Power soon, so be sure to look out for that.

      Much Love x


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