Why you should vote in the election.

General election 7th May 2015, in the United Kingdom.  Have you registered to vote? 
Today is the LAST day to register to vote.
You can register here.
I know a few people, mainly aged 23-28 that do not vote.  The reason I hear most is 'all those politicians are the same. None of them care about anything, once they get into power they all screw us over'.  The funny thing is I hear those same people complain about housing/money/benefit/state issues.  Oh you didn't vote but you want the country to help you progress in life?  Just wait over there with all the other complaining moaning myrtle's please.
You do not use your right to vote but you want something in return?? How can you justify not voting, but living in a country you do not favour? Makes no sense to me.  
There are two types of complainers.  The first is someone who complains to a friend and listens to advice then acts on it.  The second is someone who complains and listens to advice, but only so that person listens to them complain.  Those people will not act on the advice, however you can be sure they will be at your door complaining about the same thing again in the not too distant future.
If you tell me you do not vote for the above reasons and I hear you complaining about whatever social issues you have I will say this- there are countries in the world who do not have the privilege of voting.  There are countries in the world that pray for the opportunity to vote for a government.  People in those countries would risk their lives for the right to vote.  These same said countries are under the jurisdiction of some of the most corrupt people in the world; dictators, genociders.  And here you are throwing away something so precious to those struggling to get heard.  Think about it.  You have no right to complain about things you have the option to do something about.  You may even think the election is null and void- forget that.  What matters is you utilise YOUR RIGHT to vote.  
I will break it down to you like this; your lack of vote could be detrimental to the future of the United Kingdom.  A matter of a few hundred votes could separate the winning party from the runner up.  If the winning party is UKIP.....We all know what UKIP's proposed polices are.  Think about it.  For those not familiar with them I suggest you do your research, AFTER, you register to vote!
Register to vote here

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