Goodbye 2017

She is a fraction of the person she used to be.  She is less than the person she was in the summer.  That person rose from the ashes like a phoenix, and regenerated.  Climbed out of a deep hole and walked towards the light, not yet brave enough to sit on the edge with her legs dangling in yet.  It'll happen, they said  And she finally believed.  The light shone out of her mind and lit the way, and she finally believed.

Between You, the Moon and your Bed.

For, its a lonely place when you turn out the light.  The shadows seem to magnify under the radar of your limited night vision.  Sounds that you would never hear in the light, become ever so apparent.  The feeling of loneliness descends upon you like, oncoming traffic on the road at twilight.

I know you.

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I have seen your face before.  Many times.  I have it on my phone, in my pocket.  It goes everywhere with me.  We’ve never spoken, but we’ve been up close and personal.  I think you’re amazing.

Shiny Distractions

I was meant to buy toilet toll , but bought MAC make up instead.
People will respect you if you respect yourself. 

Mo More Drama, No More Pain

We've been dancing around in circles for such a long time.  I've written this before.  I've definitely said it before. I am not sure you are dizzy at all, which means you haven't clocked whats going on here.  This is a the epitome of an unhealthy cycle that's not breaking for Love nor money.
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