The Randomness of Unicorns was created on 12th March 2014.

I write to provoke thought, to inspire. I want to fill the world with love on those days where things may seem bleak.  Life is so beautiful, but our circumstances can make us victim to dismissing life's wonders.  I vow to celebrate happiness and leave misery behind. I wish nothing less than for my words to hit a nerve, rub you up in the right way, and maybe break your heart...just as life would.

My heart explodes with emotion, and those feelings spill out into my chosen words, most of which end up right here.

This collection of discoveries, moments in solitude and life analysis are brought to you via creative vocabulary and heartfelt retrospect.  

As I partake in my lifes greatest passion, I hope you can absorb even the littlest thing from my script.

Welcome to The Randomness of Unicorns.  I am very pleased to have you here.  
Much Love. 

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