Thankful Thursday

Hey lovely people :) 

After posting last Friday instead of Thursday, I've decided to do my Thankful Thursday every fortnight.  The last two weeks have been very busy and definitely eventful!  I've tried to make a real effort to remember to be thankful.  Especially in moments where I catch myself taking things for granted.  Sometimes I am on autopilot, but I'm practising being in the moment and feeling thankful.

This fortnight I have been thankful for...

Libraries.  I think being able to take home and read a book for free is amazing.  People need never buy books again!  I am always encouraging people to read, not just for study but for pleasure.  I love nothing more than to spend time perusing the book shelves of a library: reading is my favourite pastime.

My wonderful friend Kayla ( a little message to you as I know you are reading)  I could laugh forever with you!  Thank you for being such a good friend.  You are honest, respectful and so generous.  This week you have really diffused my stress levels.  When I forget to act with love, you remind me.  I hope you enjoy your moustache ;) 

                  Always remember!

Water.  Last Saturday was world water day.  During the day I spent some time beside a canal and I thought how blessed I was to be able to watch water flow...while other people do not even have any to drink.  How mad is that?!  We switch on a tap at our leisure and some people walk miles to source water.  One of the many injustices of the world.  I am thankful for water whenever I turn on a tap, run a bath, or walk by a waterway.

                                      Free water complete with wading ducks.

A roof over my head.  This is another big thing I am thankful for.  I am blessed with a lovely home, running water, electricity and comfort.  

My neighbour.  There are some neighbours that are the 'Hi' and 'Bye' type, and there are those that become friends (that was unintentional, but I bet you're all singing the song now).  I have a neighbour who is just wonderful! She is more than just a neighbour and I am very thankful for her.  

My bed.  At the end of everyday I slip into my sheets and thank god.  It is difficult to wake up in the morning and continue your day, whilst you are tired.  The hardest thing is going through the day wanting to be in bed asleep.  I try to avoid this happening because it makes me feel rubbish.  But sometimes I am up late working and thats when sleep has to take a backseat.  I really will be making sure I can spend more time with my bed next week.

My phone.  I recently got a new phone, and I am fascinated by its ability.  The camera is amazing.  I have been taking loads of pictures lately.  Everyone keeps commenting on how clear my camera is and I love it! It means a lot to me to take photos so I do it often (also, probably getting carried away taking selfies).  Apps, camera and music: all luxuries I am grateful for.  

My mister.  His support this week has been invaluable!  He has been my driving force in the lonely graveyard hours while I study, my common sense during indecisive moments and my inspiration when I have hit a brick wall.  I am so blessed.   

Always live in the moment.  All we have is right now.  
Lots of love.
Peachy xx

Let's have a blessed week!

Happy Monday everyone!!!

The start of the week is something most people dread.  Do you struggle through a Monday?  I combat the Monday blues by incorporating 'Happy Monday' into my mind-set.  Your frame of mind at the beginning of the week can affect the next six days.  Start with negative thoughts or feelings of dread, and you will find your week can drag or not be as enjoyable as you want. 
Let us change that this week :)

Today, I will think of one goal I would like to achieve this week, and focus on one positive thought.

My goal - To complete my coursework to the best of my ability.

My positive thought - Spend a few minutes each day feeling love in my heart to send out into Universe, to counteract any negativity I may feel.  Doing this, will remove resentment, anger and sadness.  Feeling these emotions only attracts them back to you in abundance.  Feeling love attracts love back to you.  Any emotion you feel towards another person, you bring back to yourself.
(credit for my goal goes to The Secret Daily Teachings by Rhonda Byrne, page 118)

I picked up The Secret Daily Teachings by Rhonda Byrne and opened it at a random page and this is what I saw.  After coming up against negativity last week how fitting is this daily thought?! Amazing!  Let me know if any of you have read The Secret Daily Teachings or The Secret by the same author.

What will your goal be this week?  What thoughts are you thinking to walk the path to a blessed week?

Go out there and get the wonderful week you deserve!!
Lots of love to you all. xxx

Positive vs Negative.

Positivity has been my theme of the week. 

I am so thankful that I am able to recognise when an injection of positivity is needed (albeit I'm not perfect but I am better than I used to be).

This week a lot of negativity has been floating around me: uncomfortable atmospheres, unnecessary comments, downtrodden faces, defeatist attitudes.  Usually I can still function in these situations but this week I have felt dragged down. LIMIT REACHED!!

I have made a pact with myself to ignore negativity.  When I encounter it, I will think of something positive and smile.  I will not be dragged into conversations of a negative nature or respond to negative comments.  I understand people have different outlooks on life and different issues to deal with, but I also know what my limits and what I am capable of. 

To combat negativity we must look at the other side of the coin.  Look harder at things, be thankful and remember tough times do not last (tough people do! I have a million quotes haha).  But also we must carry out positive actions and read positive material.  How are you drawing positivity into your life?  Do your actions convey a positive outlook?

I wish everyone around me and all who are reading this nothing but love and light.  I send healing to those in need of love an reassurance, and positive energy to those struggling through life.

I will leave you with this quote that I learned from a friend-

"Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at will change." - Wayne W. Dyer 

Have a blessed weekend everyone xxx


I almost always take part in Lent every year.  Lent is a period of fasting in the Christian calendar, when one gives up a luxury item, to symbolise their respect for when Jesus walked through the desert without food or water.

This year I decided to give up sugar, as has my lovely friend Michaela (check out her delightful blog entitled The Giggles Of Life ).  I consume far too many sugar filled products, so it was a no-brainer when thinking of what to give up.  Its been thirteen days so far.  Thirteen LONG days.  The first day was calm, but when it got to the second day I started to fade. After four days I became angry at not being able to eat things I never realised contained sugar. 

You would be surprised what food stuffs contain sugar; McCoys Salt & Vinegar crisps, Snack-a-Jacks Salt & Vinegar, every brand of instant hot chocolate you can name and Volvic flavoured water, to name but a few.  Thank god I have Michaela to give me disapproving looks every time I go to put something in my mouth.  Her face is so descriptive, I can actually hear her voice saying "Why are you eating that? You do know it has sugar in it."  These words are sent telepathically between us until I whinge and stop chewing.  No seriously, without that I wouldn't check the ingredients of my food! Sometimes I assume and get it wrong.

Although I feel like its difficult sometimes, I would never consider quitting.  I always remind myself why I am doing it.  If you forget, its very easy to slip.  So here's to the remaining days (twenty-seven if you're counting) may we prosper and be free from sugar cravings from now and forever more. AMEN!

Thankful Thursday!

So its my first one of these! I make a habit to count my blessings regularly, so Thankful Thursday is going to be alot of fun!

Today I was waiting for inspiration to fall into my lap; something to come to me.  It happened to me as  I was walking down a hill.  The weather was gorgeous and the sun was beating down in front of me.  I turned to my friend and said "Gosh, Im hot, how much further do we have to walk, I'm tired!" My friend replied "I do this walk every day with my bad knee."  She has a knee injury after an accident. In that moment, I was thankful to have fully operating joints- something I obviously take for granted! I am able bodied and fit, what a blessing! 

I am also thankful for sugar.
Yes sugar.  Since I abandoned sugar in the spirit of lent (I know, what was I thinking) I have come to appreciate its gift. Tea without honey is a sad existence. No more pick-me-ups from ye old sweet shop.  And no sugar frosted cereals for breakfast.  Where it gets really crazy is when you discover there is sugar in salt and vinegar Snack-a-Jacks! I now check the ingredients in everything but fruit. Mainly because fruit doesnt come with a list of ingredients,  but also because its the only thing that doesnt contain man-made sugar.  Thats the deal; no man-made sugar/added sugar. I invite you to check the ingredients list of a few items you may decide to consume, you may be surprised! 

I was lucky enough to get some me-time this week.  On Wednesday, the sun was shining so I headed to the park.  I sat, walked and basked in the sun for two full hours. Nothing but peace and quiet with my new book and my blogging diary.  It was bliss.

                                            As well as that I was also thankful for  
                                                            Toilet Roll
                                                  My college homies
                                                  My new phone

What are you thankful for? Are you counting your blessings? Do you appreciate your circumstances?

Thank you for reading :) 
Until next time xxx

Hey hey!

Im EL but some people call me Peachy (or Peach). I live in England but my mind is always somewhere hot. I am a student with a passion for learning and thursdays are my favourite day of the week! 

I absolutely love to write! Ever since I was a child, I have found joy in writing; maybe a diary, or a story...anything.  So here I am jumping on the blog-wagon! As well that I am an avid reader and serial tea drinker. 

You will find me drinking chai, in a quiet garden with my kindle on a warm afternoon. This is actually where I am now minus the chai! 

Be prepared for sploshes of pink, orange and unicorns as I sail the waves of life in an artful fashion, with my tea box.

Welcome to the randomness of unicorns!!! 
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