Hey hey!

Im EL but some people call me Peachy (or Peach). I live in England but my mind is always somewhere hot. I am a student with a passion for learning and thursdays are my favourite day of the week! 

I absolutely love to write! Ever since I was a child, I have found joy in writing; maybe a diary, or a story...anything.  So here I am jumping on the blog-wagon! As well that I am an avid reader and serial tea drinker. 

You will find me drinking chai, in a quiet garden with my kindle on a warm afternoon. This is actually where I am now minus the chai! 

Be prepared for sploshes of pink, orange and unicorns as I sail the waves of life in an artful fashion, with my tea box.

Welcome to the randomness of unicorns!!! 


  1. Well to the land of blogging :) I cant wait to see what you write. Love your opinions, love your personality. So I have no doubt that you'll make me laugh, cry and become a lover of your words.
    can't believe you're a tea lover... Hmm, never knew that ;)
    From your friendly neighbour Giggles of Life, cos she likes pie :) xx

  2. Big love to you! I will purchase a hat so i can pull rabbits out of it. Heres to cherry pie and fluffy stuff. Let the adventure begin! X


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