Let's have a blessed week!

Happy Monday everyone!!!

The start of the week is something most people dread.  Do you struggle through a Monday?  I combat the Monday blues by incorporating 'Happy Monday' into my mind-set.  Your frame of mind at the beginning of the week can affect the next six days.  Start with negative thoughts or feelings of dread, and you will find your week can drag or not be as enjoyable as you want. 
Let us change that this week :)

Today, I will think of one goal I would like to achieve this week, and focus on one positive thought.

My goal - To complete my coursework to the best of my ability.

My positive thought - Spend a few minutes each day feeling love in my heart to send out into Universe, to counteract any negativity I may feel.  Doing this, will remove resentment, anger and sadness.  Feeling these emotions only attracts them back to you in abundance.  Feeling love attracts love back to you.  Any emotion you feel towards another person, you bring back to yourself.
(credit for my goal goes to The Secret Daily Teachings by Rhonda Byrne, page 118)

I picked up The Secret Daily Teachings by Rhonda Byrne and opened it at a random page and this is what I saw.  After coming up against negativity last week how fitting is this daily thought?! Amazing!  Let me know if any of you have read The Secret Daily Teachings or The Secret by the same author.

What will your goal be this week?  What thoughts are you thinking to walk the path to a blessed week?

Go out there and get the wonderful week you deserve!!
Lots of love to you all. xxx


  1. That's a cool concept, you get back what you give I guess. My goal is the same as it is every Monday, "What's that Brain?" Thank you for asking Pinky....To just get through the week and make it to the weekend!!! Oh and to take over the world (but that's more my long-term goal) x

    1. *sings Pinky and the Brain theme tune* ;)


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