Thankful Thursday!

So its my first one of these! I make a habit to count my blessings regularly, so Thankful Thursday is going to be alot of fun!

Today I was waiting for inspiration to fall into my lap; something to come to me.  It happened to me as  I was walking down a hill.  The weather was gorgeous and the sun was beating down in front of me.  I turned to my friend and said "Gosh, Im hot, how much further do we have to walk, I'm tired!" My friend replied "I do this walk every day with my bad knee."  She has a knee injury after an accident. In that moment, I was thankful to have fully operating joints- something I obviously take for granted! I am able bodied and fit, what a blessing! 

I am also thankful for sugar.
Yes sugar.  Since I abandoned sugar in the spirit of lent (I know, what was I thinking) I have come to appreciate its gift. Tea without honey is a sad existence. No more pick-me-ups from ye old sweet shop.  And no sugar frosted cereals for breakfast.  Where it gets really crazy is when you discover there is sugar in salt and vinegar Snack-a-Jacks! I now check the ingredients in everything but fruit. Mainly because fruit doesnt come with a list of ingredients,  but also because its the only thing that doesnt contain man-made sugar.  Thats the deal; no man-made sugar/added sugar. I invite you to check the ingredients list of a few items you may decide to consume, you may be surprised! 

I was lucky enough to get some me-time this week.  On Wednesday, the sun was shining so I headed to the park.  I sat, walked and basked in the sun for two full hours. Nothing but peace and quiet with my new book and my blogging diary.  It was bliss.

                                            As well as that I was also thankful for  
                                                            Toilet Roll
                                                  My college homies
                                                  My new phone

What are you thankful for? Are you counting your blessings? Do you appreciate your circumstances?

Thank you for reading :) 
Until next time xxx


  1. Toilet role? Huh? :P Funny how we've put included pictures of the park... sad little minds think alike... or is it great minds? Hehehe :)

  2. Great minds....enjoy the privilege of bog roll! X


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