Spending time is precious.

For the past three/four weeks I have been avoiding doing my coursework.  And I mean avoiding in the sense that I find other more enjoyable tasks to partake in, when I should be concentrating on my studies; classic procrastination.  
Although, I do complete my work in the end, the journey to get it done is so long winded!  I evaluate how I've spent my time and regret not doing priority tasks sooner.  My procrastination activities are always the same- Snapchat with my friends and other time consuming apps, playing Sims, catching up on my shows on the iPad and reading. 
This week I have decided to try to eradicate these distractions.  I came across this on Instagram- 

We all have the same 24 hours, but how is it some manage to do more than others?? 
Why do we always state that 'there are not enough hours in the day'? 

Isn't it funny how we always make time for pleasurable activities but don't seem to have enough time when it comes to doing the things we NEED to do.  This is definitely true for me!

I know I need to spend my time wisely.  I want to achieve more than I currently do and I have no doubt that it's possible.  I congratulate myself on being able to recognise that I need to change this aspect of my life.

So this week, I have pledged to avoid avoiding my priority tasks.  I'll organise my time to fit in all that I need to do, then slot in leisure activities in my remaining time.  And I will definitely be turning my phone off during study mode!

So, it's goodbye procrastination; hello advancement.  
How are you procrastinating? Do you spend your time wisely? 

Love. xx


  1. I know I definitely don't, In fact I am currently writing this while I am supposed to be doing an essay. I am a failure at life...well maybe not so dramatic as that but I am definitely not ahead of the game! Love this blog, you wrote down everything I am feeling right now.....I am off to get some munchies and procrastinate more :P

    1. Hahahaha sounds wonderful! We are the original procrastinators!
      So glad you love the blog :) Its always good to read your comments.

      Much love


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