Thankful Thursday

It's been a fortnight like no other!  My college course is drawing to a close, my stress levels reached a high but thankfully subsided, I have had some magical moments and some really thought-provoking ones.

My fortnightly delights

This week I have taken some time out to concentrate on what really matters to me as well as the things that I have been neglecting.  So far so good! I have been focussing on growing as a person and evaluating my current position.  Here is what I have been thankful for these past couple of weeks:

Love is such a beautiful thing. 
Sometimes we can unintentionally take it for granted, but
that doesn't mean we are not grateful for it.  Where would we be without
Whatever the amount my be.  I am grateful to be able to eat
and feed my family.
There is a book for everything!  I do not know what I would do
without books or the ability to read.
My little people
One of which made my name out of lego.  How patient they have been while I tear
my hair out over coursework.  Love them.
My tutor
There are some tutors who it is ok to have a meltdown in front of and some
who don't care.  My tutor is the former.  Hats
off to him, seriously.
Support, support, support.  The end is nigh, so I will see you all
at the end of June!
Have any of you had a any magical moments lately?  What are you thankful for?

Sending you all love and rainbows.  Much love  xxx

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Much, much love to everyone. 

Spending Time is Precious #2

I am one of those people who has their finger in so many pies, that even though they know they have no fingers left they will still buy more pies.  Confused? Me too. 
This week, I really want to focus on a couple of things and do them well.  I have so much going on and a to-do list as long as my leg.  But I realise nothing will get done if I do not stop buying pies. 
Quality over quantity.
I will be picking three important tasks to start and finish during this week.  One of them will definitely be coursework, another will be to select a book and finish it before moving on to another - I usually read 2/3 books at a time- but I am not sure what the last task will be.  Everything else will have to wait until next week.  It will be interesting to see how swiftly my chosen task get done while I am not directing my attention to anything else.
I have also made up my mind to use my phone less this week.  I have deleted a couple of time consuming apps and turned the phone on silent; in the evening I put my calls on divert while I am studying. 
So let's see how this goes!  I am actually looking forward to this.  Hopefully in doing less my mind ill be less cluttered and overactive.
Any ideas of how I can ensure my attention span does not sway from the tasks at hand?  Any ideas welcome!

Have a wonderful week everyone xxx
P.S The pies are cherry flavour.

Just a note about....Stress.

Lets stress take us to somewhere scenic as we meditate and let it fall away.

It is that time of year, coming up to the end of the academic year;  the last of the exams, coursework, assignments.  All of this plus pressure from teachers and tutors.  It can be extremely stressful. 

In an ideal world we would have planned our time successfully, received copious amounts of support from teachers and have caring classmates to aid us in our periodic meltdowns.  This is not always the case though is it?

The end of the year can actually seem more stressful than the beginning!  Of course this will not be the case for everyone.  And even if it is, it may affect everyone differently.  No one will completely understand how something affects you, but there are those that will try and that is all that matters. 

Hang on in there, not long to go now.  Think of the rewards at the end.  Think of the free time you will have after completing your work.  Fantasise about all the things you can do upon your educational release.  Write down how you feel.  Talk to someone who cares.  Elbow your teachers for more support, after all it is their job!  You will definitely learn some lessons for next time.  Whether it be realising how you can better manage your time, or learning of coping strategies.

Last but not least. Never, ever give up. 

To everyone taking exams, I wish you all the best.
To those submitting the last of their coursework, keep going and well done.
To anyone suffering with stress, sending you lots of love and light. 

The end is nigh!

Much love, Peachy x

Saturday Fun!

Happy Saturday World!!!

Today I would like to be doing something so fun I could cry.  However, the actual task I am doing is even better.  Take a guess?  No its beyond delightful.  I'll tell you; coursework!!!  (I'm sure that was your next guess).

Yes, today it is just me and the human skeleton.  Oodles of fun.  A whole day dedicated to textbooks and 1500 words- plus ten percent- of skeletal make up and muscles fibres. 

Some light reading.

I am hoping for a smooth ride as I would love to go to bed before 12am.  Ambitious, I know, but where there is a will there is a way. So, I am sitting comfortably, headphones in, laptop on lap surrounded by textbooks....And I am blogging??  Right.

Wish me luck everyone!  I pray you all have a blessed Saturday, whether it be queuing up for roller-coaster rides, doing the weekly shop or skipping in fields of gold, have a good one and enjoy every moment.

Much love!
Peachy xx

A Blogging State of Mind

I am now officially a blogger.  I mean, I may have been one before but I feel like it now. 
I am always on the look out for potential blog pictures and inspiration for my posts.  But I also have a blogging book where I can write down my ideas and such.  

It is accompanied by a selection of coloured pens :) You can find these wonders in WH Smith. 

The notepad I found in a discount book/stationary/arts shop. 

My photo shooter of choice is my phone.  I do have a digital camera but I forget to take it with me when I go out!  I am more comfortable using my phone but I would really like to practice taking pictures with the digital camera more.

Blogging gives me great satisfaction.  I love to write.  I am really enjoying what I have posted so far.  It gives me joy to know I am reaching out to people in this way.  I really do hope you all enjoy my posts!  I write about things that mean something to me and things that resonate with me. 

How does blogging make you feel? Why do you post the type of things you do?

Much love to all my readers and fellow bloggers.

Peach x

Let's have a blessed week (without social media interference)!

Happy Monday!!!! 

Today and for the rest of this week, I have set myself a 'challenge' if you will, to pay less attention to social media.  Instead I will fine solace in hugging large bears and painting Unicorns by numbers.  

I personally find social media is something that can eat away at your time  unintentionally.  Not only that, but images and opinions of others can affect us in a negative way.  The internet is open to any and everything with no filter, so we cannot control what we witness. Or can we? 

Weeding out the bad stuff
Take a few minutes out of your social media perusal time and actually look at who you are following, what images/text they are uploading, and the comments YOU leave on their posts.  Now ask yourself if these things are helpful to your life and mindset.

Further digging
Now not only that but we can limit ourselves to a small amount of time networking.  Having a quick look through your feed after you have uploaded something, is a big difference to spending 30 minutes finding out who's hating and who's dating from your old skool friends.

Social media is a brilliant way to connect with the world but it can also be something we allow to feed our insecurities and become obsessed with. 

Goal- Spend little to no time on social media after uploading (if I choose too). 
I will be logging out of my accounts. 

Positive thought- It is far better to communicate face to face, so this is what I will endeavour to do. 

What are your thoughts on the use of social media?  Has it affected you in a negative way? I would love to hear your thoughts. 

Have a blessed week. 
Peachy xxx

Thankful Thursday


Another week flies by...another round of blessings!  It has been an interesting week.  I am looking forward to the weekend for once.  And I mean looking forward as in- why cant I skip today and tomorrow?! Rarely do I wish to rush ahead to the weekend but it has been one of those weeks.  Still, lessons have been learned, so for that I must be grateful.
This week I am thankful for...

friends. I rarely get time to see people because of my studies, and not everyone understands this.  But there are those friends who will walk to the ends of the earth with you regardless if you sent them a random message on what's app.  No matter where life takes you, real friends will always be around.  Lurking in the background (that wasn't meant to rhyme).

the support of my loved ones.  I have needed everyones help this week as I try to pass an assignment and I have been overwhelmed by the offers of help and donations.  I am grateful for all the love!

food.  I did a very measured shop this week.  Paying real attention to what I was eating and how much I had to spend.  I cut out most of the junk I buy and found that I spent less money.  No longer will I complain about food prices being too high as I managed totally fine using a smaller budget.

I have also been thankful for...

electric whisks

Its been a pleasure being thankful as always.  Thankfulness sends positive stardust out into the Universe and returns it to you ten-fold.  Before you criticise or complain about something ask yourself  'what could I be thankful for in this situation?'

Much love people.
Peach xx

The Liebster Award


A BIG  thank you to Lucy over at Lucy's Little Blog for nominating me for The Liebster Award!!  Sending you lots of marshmallows and stardust <3

                                                                        The rules are...
I thank the blogger who tagged me
Say 11 facts about me
Answer the 11 questions written by the person who tagged me
Write my own 11 questions
Tag 11 up and coming bloggers
11 Facts about me
I collect soft toys
My favourite film is Silence of the Lambs
I always enquire if something comes in pink
I really dislike reading poetry but do not mind writing my own
Thursday is always a great day for me
Housework brings me satisfaction
I will only eat Turkish Delight/Fruit 'n' Nut Cadbury's chocolate
I think stickers are lethal
I wish to double the amount of DVDs I own
People tell me that my laugh is sometimes funnier than the joke
I reckon I am pretty good at colouring in
11 Questions to answer
1. If you were Prime minister/ President, what would you do first?
I would introduce more programmes for the youth to get more out of life.  They are the uncared for generation, I believe.  The homeless need a great deal of help so they would be my second target.  No one in England should be homeless; we are not a third world country, but our priorities are mis-placed.  The prison system needs to be more rehabilitation and less 'lock them up and throw away the key'.  That would be my third target to tackle.
2. Do you find skin or hair care more important?
Skin care because hair grows back.  Skin stops regenerating.  You can't buy a wig for your face!
3. Where is your dream holiday destination?
Anywhere hot, sandy, peaceful and full of palm trees.  Its been so long I am not bothered about the name of the country.  Throw in a cocktail and I'm sold.
4. If you do advertise your blog, what's your favourite method of doing so?
Apart from my own work on social networks I don't currently advertise my blog anywhere.
5. Do you find a good blog design or good post photos more important on a blog?
This is a hard question.  I didn't think photos mattered on a blog, some of my early post do not have many.  After looking at other blogs I realised, posts can look empty without photos.  And I rarely see a blog post without photos.  So definitely good post photos.
6. What would be the first product you would make if you started a beauty brand?
Oh that's easy- an eyeshadow palette.  Eyeshadows are my favourite make up item to purchase.  Palettes are amazing because they're so practical and usually put colours together you wouldn't think of.  Eyeshadows are what I spend the most time on when doing my make up.
7. How long is your nightly beauty routine?
When I actually put some effort into this it takes me about 15 minutes. Wash, cleanse, tone, moisturise, brush teeth. (Too be honest, I might tone before I cleanse-whatever comes out the cupboard first).
8. Do ingredients affect your decision to buy products?
Not usually.  But lately I have been reading ingredients and labels more before I buy something.  For example, I wont buy the Garnier caffeine eye roll on- I don't drink caffeine so why would I put it on my face?!
9. What is your music taste?
Very eclectic.  First and foremost, I would pick Reggae, Dubstep and Old Skool Garage and Grime over anything.  But I am a fan of all types of music.  In my CD collection you will find music from Sounds of Blackness, Oasis, Amy Winehouse, Eminem, Lighthouse Family, Outkast, Maroon 5 and Ub40.
10. What is your favourite: Cold or hot drinks?
Hot drinks.  Tea, tea and more tea. No caffeinated tea though! Strictly herbal, fruit and alternative.  Horlicks makes me feel warm and fuzzy.  Chai lattes are genius.  And I am partial to the odd hot chocolate.
11. Would you rather wear no makeup or do nothing to your hair?
No make up.  My hair looks mad if I don't make at least a little effort! 
My 11 questions
1. What does blogging bring to your life?
2. Are you religious? If not what do you believe in?
3. Name 1 thing you have done, outside of your comfort zone in the last year.
4. Where do you go when you need to clear your head?
5. Name a book that has meant a lot to you and explain why.
6. What song reminds you of Summer?
7. Do you believe in the Law of Attraction?
8. What are your favourite type of shoes?
9. If you could have your hair any colour what would it be?
10. What keeps you going if ever you feel like quitting? Or your faith wavers?
11. What do you love about where you live?
I nominate...
Lily at Tiny Grey Cat
Maria at The Tiger Tales
Lauren at Oh Hay Blogs!
Kayla at Microscope Life
Bonita at Bonita Rochelle
And that's all folks!!
Much love to all my nominees.  And love and light to my readers xx

Charity Fundraiser


If you follow me on Twitter, you will know that I have been raising money for charity for the purpose of a college project.  The task was to plan, develop and execute a fundraiser for a charity of our choice. 

I chose Noah's Ark Children's Hospice.  They are a charity that help and support children with life-threatening and life-limited illnesses, and their families.  Offering support, advice and counselling to parents of bereaved children, this charity is something those in need heavily rely on.  Noah's Ark also organise sibling days to lift the spirits of brothers and sisters affected by an ill sibling.  I really believe in their work and was more than happy to raise money for them.  As well as that, I also plan to sign up as a volunteer.

On Saturday, we put on a children's fun day at my local church.  There was a cake, book sale, teddy bear prizes, biscuit decorating and games.  I made a special effort to greet all the guests and ensure everyone was looked after.  Everyone who attended said they really enjoyed themselves!  It was a great day!

I am so proud of what was achieved; it made all the stress and hiccups worthwhile!  I would do it all again, but be a little wiser next time. 

All my family and friends that have supported me, I am so very grateful.  I feel very blessed .  I love you all if you are reading this!

We have set up a Go Fund Me, where people can donate to our cause. Just click the link!! 
If you are able to donate and/or share the link please do!  Whether its £1 or more, every amount helps.

This has been a great experience.  I have learnt A LOT and found some qualities in myself I did not know I had: for that I am thankful.

Thank you for taking the time to read.
Much love xx

10 books you must read!! #1

Hey guys! Happy Monday to you all.  I hope you are enjoying your Bank holiday weekend (for all my UK viewers).

I was in the book shop Waterstones the other day, and although I'm not currently reading fiction, I was walking around recommending some books to my friends.  It was suggested I write a post about my recommendations so here I am! 

This is what I also got up to in the bookshop...

(For those wondering, I'm the one in the middle, that's Kayla on the left, and Jazz on the right)

Last year, I challenged myself to read 100 books.  This proved very difficult to work around college work and family life.  However, I did read a fair few.  Reading is my greatest pleasure.  I will pledge to make more time for it this week.

So!  From my catalogue of read books over the last year or so I shall make some recommendations.

1. Before I go to Sleep by S.J. Watson.
A married woman who has an accident, wakes up everyday to find she has forgotten her life.  How does she remember to function and what is her life like?  This book had me mouth open shocked by the ending.  I found it to be amazing.

2. Calling Me Home by Julie Kibler
Inspired by a true story.  Set in Kentucky 1939, a young rich white girl called Isabelle becomes attracted to her black house maids son.  Many years later, as an old woman, Isabelle travels to Ohio for a funeral where the results of her actions becomes apparent.  How far would you go for love?  I shed a few tears over this book.

3. Apple Tree Yard by Louise Doughty
Yvonne is a respected scientist who one day decides to begin a passionate affair with a man she meets in the houses of parliament.  Little does she know that as she loses herself in him she loses the ability to see what is right in front of her.  Her carelessness lands her on trial for murder.  I read this in two days because I could not put it down!

4.The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini 
The story of two Afghan boys who are the best of friends, and how their friendship is torn apart by jealousy, hierarchy and war and political influences.  A very touching read.

5. Sycamore Row by John Grisham
This is the sequel to A Time To Kill.  If you have not read that before I don't think it really matters.  The only link between these books is the characters.  But Grisham does give you a little detail about them, which is perfect for those who have not read the first book.
Jake Brigance is back! This time he has been left the will of a white man who wishes to leave everything to his black maid.  As always with Grisham books the legal storyline is superb.  And the drama surrounding the court is typical for Brigance.  Really enjoyed this one.

I'll leave it there for now, but I will post another 5 next week.  Is there anything you could recommend to me? Let me know in the comments, or tweet me! 

Much love everyone <3
Peachy x
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