Just a note about....Stress.

Lets stress take us to somewhere scenic as we meditate and let it fall away.

It is that time of year, coming up to the end of the academic year;  the last of the exams, coursework, assignments.  All of this plus pressure from teachers and tutors.  It can be extremely stressful. 

In an ideal world we would have planned our time successfully, received copious amounts of support from teachers and have caring classmates to aid us in our periodic meltdowns.  This is not always the case though is it?

The end of the year can actually seem more stressful than the beginning!  Of course this will not be the case for everyone.  And even if it is, it may affect everyone differently.  No one will completely understand how something affects you, but there are those that will try and that is all that matters. 

Hang on in there, not long to go now.  Think of the rewards at the end.  Think of the free time you will have after completing your work.  Fantasise about all the things you can do upon your educational release.  Write down how you feel.  Talk to someone who cares.  Elbow your teachers for more support, after all it is their job!  You will definitely learn some lessons for next time.  Whether it be realising how you can better manage your time, or learning of coping strategies.

Last but not least. Never, ever give up. 

To everyone taking exams, I wish you all the best.
To those submitting the last of their coursework, keep going and well done.
To anyone suffering with stress, sending you lots of love and light. 

The end is nigh!

Much love, Peachy x


  1. I'm feeling the stress also. I'm on the other end though. I'm the teacher and boy am I stressed! I was the student for many years up until last year when I finished my masters and that was awful too. Haha. Looking forward to the end to do it all over again in September with a new set of students :)
    Great advice! So positive!

  2. Thank you.
    It is nice to hear the other point of view.
    Before a new learning starts in September let us be grateful for the long summer :-D



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