Saturday Fun!

Happy Saturday World!!!

Today I would like to be doing something so fun I could cry.  However, the actual task I am doing is even better.  Take a guess?  No its beyond delightful.  I'll tell you; coursework!!!  (I'm sure that was your next guess).

Yes, today it is just me and the human skeleton.  Oodles of fun.  A whole day dedicated to textbooks and 1500 words- plus ten percent- of skeletal make up and muscles fibres. 

Some light reading.

I am hoping for a smooth ride as I would love to go to bed before 12am.  Ambitious, I know, but where there is a will there is a way. So, I am sitting comfortably, headphones in, laptop on lap surrounded by textbooks....And I am blogging??  Right.

Wish me luck everyone!  I pray you all have a blessed Saturday, whether it be queuing up for roller-coaster rides, doing the weekly shop or skipping in fields of gold, have a good one and enjoy every moment.

Much love!
Peachy xx


  1. G'luck Missus �� Danger doing the work on a laptop knowing blogger is just a click away :D xx

  2. Thank for the luck, I need it. Of course I will be taking regular blogger breaks :) x


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