Thankful Thursday


Another week flies by...another round of blessings!  It has been an interesting week.  I am looking forward to the weekend for once.  And I mean looking forward as in- why cant I skip today and tomorrow?! Rarely do I wish to rush ahead to the weekend but it has been one of those weeks.  Still, lessons have been learned, so for that I must be grateful.
This week I am thankful for...

friends. I rarely get time to see people because of my studies, and not everyone understands this.  But there are those friends who will walk to the ends of the earth with you regardless if you sent them a random message on what's app.  No matter where life takes you, real friends will always be around.  Lurking in the background (that wasn't meant to rhyme).

the support of my loved ones.  I have needed everyones help this week as I try to pass an assignment and I have been overwhelmed by the offers of help and donations.  I am grateful for all the love!

food.  I did a very measured shop this week.  Paying real attention to what I was eating and how much I had to spend.  I cut out most of the junk I buy and found that I spent less money.  No longer will I complain about food prices being too high as I managed totally fine using a smaller budget.

I have also been thankful for...

electric whisks

Its been a pleasure being thankful as always.  Thankfulness sends positive stardust out into the Universe and returns it to you ten-fold.  Before you criticise or complain about something ask yourself  'what could I be thankful for in this situation?'

Much love people.
Peach xx

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