30 Day Snap | Day 30

The clouds of an English Summer

The heavens threatening to open on this last day in June

And the sky was too fascinating not to photograph twice

Welcome to Day 30 of my 30 day June Snap! 

I cannot believe June has come to an end already.  I think this challenge has made the month seem so short.  I can remember all I have achieved this month because of the photos I have blogged.  I have loved June.  It has not been without small obstacles but what month is?  My greatest achievement thus far this year came in June when I completed my college course.  My best June moment was submitting the last of my coursework. 

I hope you all enjoyed catching a glimpse of my days with the challenge.  I must admit, it overshadowed my other planned bog posts.  I had a lot of fun with it!  So here's to June!  Thank you for being an enlightening month, thank you for being a challenge and most of all thank you for being memorable. 

I would also like to thank Sinead for being the instigator of the challenge! xxx
Here are all the other girls who took part-
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Edel at Edelbelle!
Madeline at Ring Around a Rosey
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(I don't think I've forgotten anyone)

Much love, everyone xxx

30 Day Snap | Day 29

Tonight's entertainment...

Unicorn Art

Sunday, Funday! 

This last Sunday in June consisted of a late morning, arts and general lounging.  I am dedicating myself to completing this Painting by Numbers picture of a Unicorn.  I say dedicating myself because I tend to start tasks with the best intentions then get side-tracked by camels and shiny things.  All this free time gives me no excuse for unfinished art/books/chores etc etc.  Painting allows me to focus for an hour or so.  I enjoy concentrating on creating.

I hope you have all had a fabulously happy Sunday.  Much love xxx

30 Day Snap | Day 28

Aiding me in my quest to watch more films, the mister provided tonight's entertainment.  

I have seen The Fifth Element a few times and I rate it highly.  I had never seen The Burbs before today.  Too be honest it is not something I would have picked by myself.  I was surprised how much I liked it.  Some scenes had me in tears they were so funny!

I would love it if you guys would recommend any of your favourite films you think I should watch ;)  There are loads of classics I have not seen and a lot of good films I do not know about. 

Much love xxx 

30 Day Snap | Day 27


Outside looking up at the stars is something I rarely get to do.  Its fascinating to just be at peace with yourself while watching the sky.  I need more of these blissful moments in my life!


30 Day Snap | Day 26

My signature order; chai latte

Almond croissants are pure joy

Laughter, laughter and more laughter today.  I love days like this!  I seemed to attract some very open auras today.  And by open I mean that I was able to detect feelings and emotions of others more than usual.  So perhaps I was more perceptive today?  It's an interesting experience.  To everyone I bumped into today, I want you to know you made my day.  Much love to you.

And love to you, my wonderful readers for reading xxx

The new champagne Magnum

Thankful Thursday


Now that college is finished I have had a lot more time to focus on what I am thankful for.  But more free time has also meant more thinking time.  Why can't we just switch our brains off? Literally.  Here is my 'this is what I m thankful for since I finished college' list.

Time- So much it! Sometimes I don't know what to do with all my new found free time.  I have been making lists and attempting to keep busy so as not to get bored.  It definitely requires some adjustment to take yourself from dong something full time to having nearly all your time available.

DVDs- I have pledged to watch one DVD a night.  My collection is full of films I have bought or been given but never watched.  Some have been unopened since as long as over a year ago!  I find it hard to sit in one place for so long and tune in into something that demands my constant attention for a length of time.  I am working on changing my mind set.  So far I have managed to keep it up.

Happy People- It is beautiful to see a smiling face or hear gratitude from a stranger.  It is also beautiful to meet- forgive me for sounding cliché- NICE people; genuinely NICE people.  Such a wonderful thing.  When I encounter people like it I find it impossible not to feed off their aura. I hope they find something positive in mine too.

Music- "If it wasn't for the music I don't know what we'd do. You know the music stepped in and saved my life"- DJ Narrows- Saved Soul.

What has made you thankful lately?

Much love x

30 Day Snap | Day 20

Pound shop treasures!

Lemon Meringue Pie

Oodles of fun!
 The highlights of my day in pictures!

30 Day Snap | Day 25

I haven't been to the cinema in ages!  I am sure its been a couple of years since I last went!  I was meant to go by myself last month but I didn't make plans with much conviction, and ended up in my favourite tattoo shop.  Today however was planned from a few days ago.  I have wanted to see The Fault in Our Stars ever since I read the book last month.  I aimed for a nice early showing.  By the powers of synchronicity, I saw my sister on the way to the cinema and so she came with me.  Head in a book on the street I didn't even notice her come up to me (the book wasn't even that good too be honest, I later abandoned it). 
The film was wonderful.  AMAZING.  Those who have read the book will not be disappointed.  I will go as far as to say it is the best film adaptation of a book I have ever seen.  It was everything the book was, with added emotion; because no one could possibly make a book come alive that THAT in their head.  The film brought to life a brilliant love story in the most beautiful way. 
If you have read the book, go and see the film.  If you have never read the book, go and see the film.
Now the question is what shall I see at the cinema next??  Any ideas welcome!
Much love xxx

30 Day Snap | Day 24

You can't beat a pretty bunch of carnations!
These were a gift, that cheered me right up.
Today was a very slow relaxing day.  How strange it is for me to not have college work to do.  Still, I shouldn't complain.

30 Day Snap | Day 23


This was my success today. Aided by little hands; homemade burgers and chips. 

Ingredients for the burgers
Lamb mince
Red opinion, grated 
Black pepper 
All purpose seasoning 
All spice 
Rosemary, chopped 
1 beaten egg

For the chips
Baking potatoes

Mix burger ingredients, bar the egg together.  Then add the egg and mould into patty shapes.  Place the patties on a plate and cover and leave to set in the fridge. 

Boil some water for your chips.  Wash your potatoes and cut them in half.  Slice the halves into chunky chip shapes.  Make sure they are all the same thickness.  Place the chips in the boiling water for 10 minutes.  Meanwhile add oil to a roasting tin and place in the oven until it sizzles.  Drain the chips once boiled and season with salt.  Add the chips to the pan and coat them in the oil.  Cook them for 30 minutes.  I set my oven to 160/170 degrees (fan oven).  

Fry the burgers in a small amount of oil on a medium heat.  You want them to cook slowly and evenly so the outside doesn't crisp and the inside is raw. 

I served the burgers in buttered cholla buns with tomatoes and pineapple.  And the chips on the side. Voila!

Burgers are so easy to make- you can flavour them with ANYTHING.  The egg binds the mixture together, although you can use chutney or breadcrumbs to do this.  

Let me know if you're going to have a go!

Much love xxx

Let's have a blessed week!


With my new found free time, I am able to do all the things I wanted to do but never have time, and the things I was procrastinating with while I was meant to be studying.  Amazing!  It is so important to take a little time, no matter how small, to do something pleasurable.  Yes there are chores to be done, work to do and bills to pay, but that's not really living is it?  The saying goes 'don't get so busy making a life that you forget to live'.

If time is something you struggle with, I suggest making a log of your day, in two hour slots, and writing down all the things you have done.  Everything.  At the end of your day/week, have a look over your log and spot the areas where you procrastinated or didn't use your time effectively.  Or even gaps in your day.  BINGO- here is your free time for 'me time'!

Goal- Aim to do two activities that you enjoy each day
Mine will be reading and painting a Unicorn (by numbers, because I am not an artist)!

Positive Thought-  It is perfectly fine to spend some time doing something you enjoy.  Take the time as a moment to rejuvenate, to collect yourself.  Mums especially, should relish these opportunities! 

ENJOY your week!!  At the end of the week you should be able to take a look back and think 'I really enjoyed myself this week'.  Have a very blessed week people!! Go out and LIVE this week!

Much love xxx

30 Day Snap | Day 22

A really chilled Sunday. Doing absolutely nothing but vegging out on the sofa and watching programmes on the iPad.  

Finished off my evening with some pizza and a rum mixed with grape juice while watching Entrapment. 

I am really enjoying life away from college.   I have started to do all the things I never got time to while studying. I now have time to watch films and read without worrying about coursework that needs to be done. Bliss. 

I hope you all have had a wonderful, blessed Sunday! xxx

30 Day Snap | Day 21

Homemade Vitoria sponge birthday cake
My mum made this cake for my Uncle's birthday.  It was absolutely delicious!  Jam and cream were in the middle and the actual cake was so light.  It was also made with gluten free flour, but you wouldn't have been able to tell.
Although his birthday is next week we celebrated my Uncle's 50th birthday.  My Uncle is someone I look up to.  I always have.  I always remember the fun we had when I was a child; playing football, going to his house, him taking me out, teaching me to cook.  I spent a lot of time with him.  He has taught me a lot.  I love cooking  and football because of him.  Whenever he comes over we always have a laugh.  I admire him so much, he's a legend!  Every one is our family loves him.
We had a little birthday gathering for him and he really enjoyed himself.  I love to see him happy so mission complete!  Happy early birthday to my wonderful Uncle!

30 Day Snap | Day 19

Andddddddd that's a wrap!!
Nine months of hard slog over! Amen!

This time last year I had no idea I would be a college student three months later.  Later, that August (the last week to be precise), I got up one morning and took a look at my career path and realised I needed to go to college.  That same day I enrolled and got accepted.  I started the following week. 

I was amazed at how the situation unfolded.  It still amazes me when I think about it.  It was a tough course; drama, staffing issues and a lot of unprofessional behaviour.  Sadly, all of that had an affect on the coursework and the pupils.  However,  I learnt a great deal.  Not just about the topics but about myself and life in general. 

It was interesting to experience stress.  My interactions with people were tested to their limits at times.  From my experience I learnt lessons about relationships with others.  Something I would not have been privy to, had I not been in that environment.  Although, I met some lovely people on the course, some of whom I can call friends :)  Experience, experience, experience!  That's what it all comes down to haha. 

It is not always easy being a student, whatever your age.  Although I think maturity helps when it comes to group dynamics and willingness to put in extra work. 

I am so so proud of myself for completing the course.  I am so thankful to those who have helped me reach my goal- they definitely know who they are! 

If there is something you want to do, go for it!  Keep the faith and don't look back!! You can definitely do it, and it's never to late. 

Much love to you all xxx

30 Day Snap | Day 18

Carnaby Street- Piccadilly Circus and back to Oxford Circus

Everyone loves London in the sunshine!  Between browsing cool trainers, and purchasing from the ZSL (zoo organisation) pop up shop we had a lot of fun.


Disclaimer: I may be running behind with the snaps but I'm not giving up!!  Thank you all for being so patient :)

30 Day Snap | Day 17

So one of my little people finally decided to finish a kiwi!! I am a very proud mother right now. I instantly grabbed the bowl and took the picture! 
It's a struggle to consume fruit some times so this is definitely a milestone :) this makes me very happy!

Any of my fellow mums finally managed to get their little ones to eat something? It's a fantastic feeling! 


30 Day Snap | Day 16

This looks like movie night, but actually it's last minute coursework night.  I didn't even finish the bowl of popcorn because I fell asleep!  That was my attempt at making work exciting...sad times eh.


Are we being the friend we wish to have?

Friends are like sweets: If you pick the sour ones, you're as much to blame as they are.

Lately I have been hearing people say "Oh she never calls me," or "Why do I always have to ring her" or "She never invites me anywhere."

Does that sound like a friend?
And I don't mean the person being talked about, I mean the person doing the talking!

Often, when we find that there is something we are not happy with in others, it reflects on something in ourselves.  If you find a friend never calls you, consider the last time you picked up the phone to them.  When you feel as though you do not get invited out or included in plans, ask yourself when you last invited that person to hang out with you.

Friendship is a two way thing.  What we ask of others we must also be willing to provide;  otherwise that is not friendship.  Friends give equally and wholly.

I, myself am guilty of this too.  I pledge to make more of an effort with my people, instead of whining about what they allegedly do not do for me.

This lesson was highlighted to me by a very wise man :)

Much love to you all x

30 Day Snap | Day 15 Father's Day


A blessed day today, on this special occasion. 
I learnt to make these bracelets and received one as a gift! I will be purchasing a pack of elastics this week so I can make some more. 
These bracelets will remind me of my wonderful family, and a lovely Father's Day.  I am blessed to have a great dad who I admire greatly.  I hope you all had a wonderful day. 
My thoughts and prayers go out to those who have a father in heaven.  An also to those people who do not have a father in their life for other reasons.
Much love to everyone xxx


30 Day Snap | Day 14

And that's how my day was!

30 Day Snap | 13 is my favourite number!


College finishes next week, so today some of the class went out for a pub lunch.  It was fun; the atmosphere was great and the weather was glorious!!  Today's photo college will create some nice memories for years to come.  
It has been 9 months of hard slog but it has been worth it.  I am very proud of myself and all my college ladies.  Our tutor Peter is an amazing tutor and we could not have survived the stress, tears and meltdowns without him!  I have made great friends.  And I have also learnt many lessons, for which I am VERY grateful for.
Totally loving life today.  I thank the Universe profusely <3

30 Day Snap | Day 12

The lesson of the day!  In any circumstance this is something to rely on.  I am an expert at not doing this, which makes me the perfect person to emphasise how important it is.  Ha! 
A bit of a different angle for the 30 Day Snap, but this summed up my day.

30 Day Snap | Day 11

Playing confession and hiding round white partitions.  Selecting Unicorns and cuddling them.  Just a normal Wednesday.

Magic Moments.

This brightened up my day yesterday. 

Once again I spent another long college break wandering around the shops and made my way to the book shop.  Kayla was screaming with delight over a book unknown to me, I actually wandered who had sprinkled her hair full of Unicorn dust!  The book in question was the sixth book in the City of Bones series (totally alien to me). She immediately relayed the plot and used some kind of spell that had me picking up the first book without even reading the blurb.  

However, the only copy of the first book remaining was a movie cover.  Kayla was horrified and I was just disappointed.  When books are made into films, they reprint them with a cover to advertise the movie; I only like buying books with their original covers.  I asked a shop assistant if they had any copies left of the book with the original cover, and his co-worker offered to go into the stick room and look.  Cut a long story short it turns out the books were situated on another shelf. Woohoo! 

This woman was so, so helpful.  I asked her about the City of Bones series and she gave me her honest opinion.  She then recommended all sorts of other novels in the same genre that she had read. She gave the low down on all of them and encouraged us to take our time and pick, and even offered to put one of our choices in a special deal.  I couldn't believe how much she knew about all the books.  It was so lovely to speak to someone who actually had an interest on books and the knowledge of books.  I think you only get that in proper book shops, but even then it depends who you talk to. 

I was so grateful for her help.  The story was too good not to share :) 

Love to you all xx

30 Day Snap | Day 10

You already know I spend copious amounts of time in the bookshop; today I spotted this little guy on the top shelf looking all fluffy and.....retro?! I brought him down and gave him a little squish, then sat him on the chair for a photo :) He put a big smile on my face.

Are you all enjoying my 30 Day Snap?  I am having a lot of fun doing it.

Much love xxx

30 Day Snap | Day 9

The jelly sandals are peach!!
I went shopping to buy flip flops and came home with a little extra. These are the second pair of jelly sandals I have purchased, I buy flip flops every year (the brighter coloured the better) and I grabbed the watermelon top as soon as I saw it.  Very happy with my purchases :)
By the way I am not sure peach is actually a colour?  If its not what is the correct name for that shade?
Answers in the comments please!!

Love. Love. Love. xxx

Let's have a blessed week!

Happy Monday lovely people!!

I am nearing the end of the year, so my focus is on my last goal regarding focus and concentration on one item at a time.  This morning I feel uplifted and inspired, so I would like to pay forward that inspiration.
Whatever you are doing, stop for a second and conjure up a happy thought.  Anything that warms your heart or makes you smile.  Hold on to that thought above all your worries and fears, for just a minute.  Then take a deep breath.  Write down your happy thought on a piece of paper, fold it up and place it in your wallet/purse.  You don't have to read it every time you see it, but whenever you open your purse and see the paper, your happy thought will instantly appear in your mind.
Now go out into the world and give 110%!  All we have is right now.  Make the most of your moment and SHINE!  Worrying is a waste of time.  Re-living your past is a waste of time.  Accept the past and live presently.  Accept the future is not always certain and live presently.
You are amazing! Look at all you have achieved, all you have overcome.  Recall all those times you thought you would not succeed and you did.  Think of the times you encountered a difficult situation but came out unscathed.  You are more resilient than you think.  The Universe does not bestow upon you more than you can handle.
If you know someone who needs to hear this right now, relay the message.  Let them know they are wonderful and you are proud of them.
Sending you lots of love and light.  Have a blessed week people.
Much love, Peachy xx

30 Day Snap | Day 8

Summer is hereeeeeeeeee! I decided to be very girly today and swap my kicks for sandals :)  This shall be recorded as the first day of the year I got my legs out. And what a lovely and glorious 24 degrees it was. 

Much love people! xxx

30 Day Snap | Day 7

White Chocolate and Marshmallow Cookies

Today's achievement!  Made with little hands, rescued with mum's oven glove :)

Adventures at the Barbican Centre

The Barbican Centre is such a fun place.  They hold exhibitions there; you can watch a play, or a film at their cinema.  There is a restaurant and a mini Costa and gift shop on the ground floor.  What I love most, is the library.  My little people like the library and the fountains best of all.

Who doesn't enjoy a train journey?! Especially with little people.

It was a rainy day, but fun to be had nonetheless!

The entrance...

There are a few of these fountains.

I enjoy sitting out next to the fountains.  The atmosphere is so peaceful and calming.  We usually sit outside for a while as soon as we arrive at the centre, seems to be a little routine of ours.

The ducks are usually farther out.  Today they ventured closer to us :)

Sitting out in the fountain area


On the edge...

Panoramic view.

We all had a fun-filled day!

The adult section

In the spiritual section....
Another view of the adults section.

For obvious reasons I never took pictures in the children's section (which is located at the back).  What would I know about reviewing the kiddies books?! ha!   Here is a little review from one of my little people about the children's library -
" The library is kept is very clean.  It has a big selection of interesting books. I like that there is a big crocodile cushion, which is very scary!  They have loads of books and comics like Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Superman, Batman and Teenage Ninja Turtles.  The library staff can be very helpful.  The room has tables and chairs, and large soft cushions.  You can also buy badges for 20p.  My favourite books to borrow are the fantasy ones.  It is the best library I have been too."

Something I took home.

I started to read Being Positive and Staying Positive by Pauline Rowson on the way home.  I think I may do a review on it as I found it to be a useful book.  I really do recommend you all join the library at the Barbican Centre.  If not just for the atmosphere while you study, then the wonderful range of books they have.  The collection is vast!  There is also a music library which is amazing.  Additionally, you can borrow DVDs, CDs, and scores.  This is honestly one of our favourite places in London!

I hope you have enjoyed the post!  Have you been to the Barbican?  Would you venture there after reading my post?

Much love.
Peachy xx

30 Day Snap | Day 6

Today the sun shined and the bees came out, so we decided to take a walk with our pet Lizzy :) 

30 Day Snap | Day 5

Spotted this art around town today.  I had to stop and admire it for a few minutes.  I had thoughts of utter bliss and relaxation.  The warm sun on my neck with a cocktail in hand, watching the waves as I sat on a white sandy beach.  Total peace.  No sound but the waves.  No thoughts, no movement.  Just being.  Still. In bliss.
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