30 Day Snap | 13 is my favourite number!


College finishes next week, so today some of the class went out for a pub lunch.  It was fun; the atmosphere was great and the weather was glorious!!  Today's photo college will create some nice memories for years to come.  
It has been 9 months of hard slog but it has been worth it.  I am very proud of myself and all my college ladies.  Our tutor Peter is an amazing tutor and we could not have survived the stress, tears and meltdowns without him!  I have made great friends.  And I have also learnt many lessons, for which I am VERY grateful for.
Totally loving life today.  I thank the Universe profusely <3


  1. It was a suburb day. I'm loving the picture of Kadi, saying 'OK' over & over again to me.
    I think through the people I met and the friends I made, I have learned more about myself as well. Very grateful to have lasted the year :)
    I feel so strange posting my day snap tomorrow with having similar pictures to you :D

    Luv Kayla xxx

  2. :) We survived! Blessed.



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