30 Day Snap 2014 | Day 1


Welcome to my 30 Day Snap of June!
Soft toys, soft toys! 
My first friends as a child.  I can recall playing with these much more than any other toys I had.  Each one of them tells a story.  And yes they all have names!  Some of them are extra special to me because they were gifts from someone who meant a lot.  One of them is as old as me, and a couple others are close to that age too.
I used to have a lot more but the rest are in a loft somewhere (I must dig them out).  As a child I would keep tally of how many I had.  At one point I counted 66!  That's the last number of soft toys I remember.  They will always be a big part of my life and I will continue to collect soft toys :)
By the way that is a camel, on the far right at the back, behind the cow.  He has two humps. 
All that's missing is a Giraffe and Unicorn!
I hope you liked my first snap!


  1. We must find you a unicorn Mrs!!! Seriously you won't live without it. I myself never liked teddies, but it's different now for some reason. As a child I didn't like them but now I do, weird huh? I prefer to get them as pressies that way they hold some sort of magical/ sentimental value to them. I have only one teddy from back home since I had when I was born, he's a duck. I tried to decapitate him, so the lines on his neck are funny. Anyway... moving on... I can't wait to see you post blogs every day now, FOR A WHOLE MONTH :D xx

  2. That's a horror story. Poor Duck.
    I am having a lot of fun with this 30 Day Snap thingy haha. It's going to get verrrrrrrrryyy interesting xx


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