30 Day Snap | Day 3

Today's theme songs were that piano tune from the Tom Hanks film Big (I have no idea of the name, and even if I did I doubt you would recognise the name) you know the one! Also L-O-V-E by Joss Stone and the underrated 5 years time by Noah and the Whale. 
Fun found it's way into my life in the form of moustaches, Where's Wally and shopping trips where you go in for a sandwhich and spend £10.  That includes 3 bags of sensations popcorn.  If you can get your hands on it, do so!! The Vine app threatened to prevent air from entering our lungs as we were laughing so hard.  Our diets were sponsored by half sandwiches from Waitrose and ye old sweet shop rhubarb and custard...I am not sure of the name, and bubble-gum frogs. *
For all my Irish viewers - we spent the whole day having the craic! 

In the evening my little box of love, brewed in a cup, accompanied me to bed. 

I hope you all made some fantastic memories today :) xxx
*I could never work out what the flavour was as a child, and today I found out from the sweet shop lady.  What a revelation!


  1. Tuesdays for are really never that fun, but come on! That guy dancing to the piano, we are going to reenact that! We got stared at for laughing so much. Picky Pete probably thought we were drunk :D I though he was god for feck sake! Amazing moment. That sweet shop lady should be on first term names with us, we are keeping her establishment running soundly aren't we? You forgot to mention our time with the clowns receiving donations on the st. I'm happy you had a lovely day, dont worry there are some memories I'll be holding onto from today :D We'll try havin' a bit of craic tomorrow while we're hyped up after the break :) xx

  2. hahahah a long break brings about piano dancing and God. Oh gosh the wig guy who smiled at us. And the guy in the van playing the slow jams?? HAHAHAHA.
    Lets send the sweet shop lady a Good Luck card for when we leave, then blow £20 just for the hell of it xx

  3. I'm up for blowing money on the sweet lady. But it would be cool if we found a sweetie/ candy card for her. I forgot about the van guy :D Well I've met enough of them, I've lost count heehee xx


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