30 Day Snap | Day 4

Mini Yankee Candle in Cherry Vanilla
I have been absorbed in Twilight all day.  I have read it before but I am re-reading after watching Breaking Dawn Part 1 last week.  After a long day, I find it soothing to offload my thoughts into my pensieve (or diary for all the muggles reading) to make room for important things.  
This is my first Yankee candle and it smells divine.  Now I am relaxed enough for a little meditation :)
How do you relax?


  1. Have you read Breaking Dawn? I liked that book. I love winding down with taking a bath, surrounded by candles in the dark, face mask, tea, music... then laying out on the sofa, hot coco in my hands, with a great movie just a click away :) *sigh* xx

  2. I have read about 3 quarters of breaking dawn. I really want to finish it. Same with the second book. New Moon is it? I will try your way of relaxation :) Sounds divine x


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