Adventures at the Barbican Centre

The Barbican Centre is such a fun place.  They hold exhibitions there; you can watch a play, or a film at their cinema.  There is a restaurant and a mini Costa and gift shop on the ground floor.  What I love most, is the library.  My little people like the library and the fountains best of all.

Who doesn't enjoy a train journey?! Especially with little people.

It was a rainy day, but fun to be had nonetheless!

The entrance...

There are a few of these fountains.

I enjoy sitting out next to the fountains.  The atmosphere is so peaceful and calming.  We usually sit outside for a while as soon as we arrive at the centre, seems to be a little routine of ours.

The ducks are usually farther out.  Today they ventured closer to us :)

Sitting out in the fountain area


On the edge...

Panoramic view.

We all had a fun-filled day!

The adult section

In the spiritual section....
Another view of the adults section.

For obvious reasons I never took pictures in the children's section (which is located at the back).  What would I know about reviewing the kiddies books?! ha!   Here is a little review from one of my little people about the children's library -
" The library is kept is very clean.  It has a big selection of interesting books. I like that there is a big crocodile cushion, which is very scary!  They have loads of books and comics like Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Superman, Batman and Teenage Ninja Turtles.  The library staff can be very helpful.  The room has tables and chairs, and large soft cushions.  You can also buy badges for 20p.  My favourite books to borrow are the fantasy ones.  It is the best library I have been too."

Something I took home.

I started to read Being Positive and Staying Positive by Pauline Rowson on the way home.  I think I may do a review on it as I found it to be a useful book.  I really do recommend you all join the library at the Barbican Centre.  If not just for the atmosphere while you study, then the wonderful range of books they have.  The collection is vast!  There is also a music library which is amazing.  Additionally, you can borrow DVDs, CDs, and scores.  This is honestly one of our favourite places in London!

I hope you have enjoyed the post!  Have you been to the Barbican?  Would you venture there after reading my post?

Much love.
Peachy xx


  1. I've never been and you know me! I love exploring LIKE DORA!
    What lipstick are you wearing? Very nude and very you! If it's just your lips, then --- well I hate you :D Totes jealous :D x

  2. Thank you. Oh dear I cannot remember!! After scrutinizing the photo, I feel it may just be Vaseline. Best lip care ever.
    I think Dora need to go exploring more. You would love it at the Barbican Centre.



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