Are we being the friend we wish to have?

Friends are like sweets: If you pick the sour ones, you're as much to blame as they are.

Lately I have been hearing people say "Oh she never calls me," or "Why do I always have to ring her" or "She never invites me anywhere."

Does that sound like a friend?
And I don't mean the person being talked about, I mean the person doing the talking!

Often, when we find that there is something we are not happy with in others, it reflects on something in ourselves.  If you find a friend never calls you, consider the last time you picked up the phone to them.  When you feel as though you do not get invited out or included in plans, ask yourself when you last invited that person to hang out with you.

Friendship is a two way thing.  What we ask of others we must also be willing to provide;  otherwise that is not friendship.  Friends give equally and wholly.

I, myself am guilty of this too.  I pledge to make more of an effort with my people, instead of whining about what they allegedly do not do for me.

This lesson was highlighted to me by a very wise man :)

Much love to you all x

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