30 Day Snap | Day 25

I haven't been to the cinema in ages!  I am sure its been a couple of years since I last went!  I was meant to go by myself last month but I didn't make plans with much conviction, and ended up in my favourite tattoo shop.  Today however was planned from a few days ago.  I have wanted to see The Fault in Our Stars ever since I read the book last month.  I aimed for a nice early showing.  By the powers of synchronicity, I saw my sister on the way to the cinema and so she came with me.  Head in a book on the street I didn't even notice her come up to me (the book wasn't even that good too be honest, I later abandoned it). 
The film was wonderful.  AMAZING.  Those who have read the book will not be disappointed.  I will go as far as to say it is the best film adaptation of a book I have ever seen.  It was everything the book was, with added emotion; because no one could possibly make a book come alive that THAT in their head.  The film brought to life a brilliant love story in the most beautiful way. 
If you have read the book, go and see the film.  If you have never read the book, go and see the film.
Now the question is what shall I see at the cinema next??  Any ideas welcome!
Much love xxx

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