Let's have a blessed week!

Happy Monday lovely people!!

I am nearing the end of the year, so my focus is on my last goal regarding focus and concentration on one item at a time.  This morning I feel uplifted and inspired, so I would like to pay forward that inspiration.
Whatever you are doing, stop for a second and conjure up a happy thought.  Anything that warms your heart or makes you smile.  Hold on to that thought above all your worries and fears, for just a minute.  Then take a deep breath.  Write down your happy thought on a piece of paper, fold it up and place it in your wallet/purse.  You don't have to read it every time you see it, but whenever you open your purse and see the paper, your happy thought will instantly appear in your mind.
Now go out into the world and give 110%!  All we have is right now.  Make the most of your moment and SHINE!  Worrying is a waste of time.  Re-living your past is a waste of time.  Accept the past and live presently.  Accept the future is not always certain and live presently.
You are amazing! Look at all you have achieved, all you have overcome.  Recall all those times you thought you would not succeed and you did.  Think of the times you encountered a difficult situation but came out unscathed.  You are more resilient than you think.  The Universe does not bestow upon you more than you can handle.
If you know someone who needs to hear this right now, relay the message.  Let them know they are wonderful and you are proud of them.
Sending you lots of love and light.  Have a blessed week people.
Much love, Peachy xx

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