Magic Moments.

This brightened up my day yesterday. 

Once again I spent another long college break wandering around the shops and made my way to the book shop.  Kayla was screaming with delight over a book unknown to me, I actually wandered who had sprinkled her hair full of Unicorn dust!  The book in question was the sixth book in the City of Bones series (totally alien to me). She immediately relayed the plot and used some kind of spell that had me picking up the first book without even reading the blurb.  

However, the only copy of the first book remaining was a movie cover.  Kayla was horrified and I was just disappointed.  When books are made into films, they reprint them with a cover to advertise the movie; I only like buying books with their original covers.  I asked a shop assistant if they had any copies left of the book with the original cover, and his co-worker offered to go into the stick room and look.  Cut a long story short it turns out the books were situated on another shelf. Woohoo! 

This woman was so, so helpful.  I asked her about the City of Bones series and she gave me her honest opinion.  She then recommended all sorts of other novels in the same genre that she had read. She gave the low down on all of them and encouraged us to take our time and pick, and even offered to put one of our choices in a special deal.  I couldn't believe how much she knew about all the books.  It was so lovely to speak to someone who actually had an interest on books and the knowledge of books.  I think you only get that in proper book shops, but even then it depends who you talk to. 

I was so grateful for her help.  The story was too good not to share :) 

Love to you all xx


  1. It was such a fun lunch. We went back to class feeling great with our purchases :) Thank you Pauline for your knowledge :) Heehee, I really do hope you that like the book xx

  2. Books= happiness. Pauline was lovely. I have started it and so far so good :) xxx


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