Ways to overcome a negative mindset, instantly.

Hiding under the covers doesn't help at all.

We all have moments where we doubt ourselves, over think or conjure up unhelpful thoughts.  In those moments, choose to override your negativity.  Of course you may not get it right every time, but practise makes perfect!  There are things that may help you to turn your thoughts around (gradually) in these instances. 
Let me know if any work for you.

1. Watch a film.
Getting lost in the drama of a story can help to focus your mind elsewhere.  I think it goes without saying to stay away from Titanic and Marley and Me though.  A comedy or love story never fails.  Guys, try a hard hitting action film.  Sorry for the stereotype.

2.  Get outdoors!
Your favourite park/museum/attraction.  I have a lovely spot close to home where I sit and clear my head for a couple of hours.  It is peaceful and very very quiet with beautiful scenery. 

3.  Be active.
Kick start your engine mate! Running, yoga, stretching, walking whatever gets you moving. I fully recommend Just Dance on the Wii/Xbox. 

4. Mediation
To meditate is simply to find peace in the tornado that is life.  When you cannot find peace around you, let your inner peace transcend to your surroundings.  Sit for 5-10 minutes with your eyes closed, concentrating on your breathing and the functioning of your body.

5. Get artsy.
Do something creative.  Draw how you feel.  Paint something, make something.  Decorate a room. Paint your nails.  Plan some outfits.  Design something.  Write a story.  Anything that calls for your to use your creative vision will expel your negative energy AND turn it into something cool.

None of these activities will prove fruitful without mindfulness.  Mindfulness is the art of living and being in the moment; focusing on the task in hand.  If you are going for a jog but constantly think of how much you want to hurt your cat for spilling milk everywhere, by time you get back you will not feel any different.  Take a deep breath, and plough full stream ahead into what you are doing.  If your thoughts start to stray, gently remind yourself to concentrate on what you are doing.  This does take some practise so don't beat yourself up for not being able to do it.  I am still mastering this skill.  However, I am a lot better at it than I was a year ago, and even more so a year before that.

Much love everyone.
Peach xxx

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