Let's have a blessed week!

No more using camouflage against commitment!

Raising children is not easy, but doing so is a (big) commitment.  Kittens can be troublesome, but choosing to buy one is a commitment.  So what is commitment?  It can be described as sticking with something; a task or an activity.  I have also heard it described as 'continuing to do something, long after the mood you said you would do it in, has left'.  I think that is exactly it.

This week I have a commitment to something big.  Something I usually get fed up of half way through doing.  You're probably wondering why I am doing it then, and the answer is because it is not for me.  I am not doing it for me. 
However, we all have self commitments; gym memberships, reading, eating habits.  This week I am choosing to focus on this one item.

Goal-  To carry out my commitment with the same positive attitude I had when I agreed to do it!

Positive Thought- I will remind myself that at some point I needed the same commitment from someone, and that committing to something for another person brings them great joy.

What are you committed to this week?

As always, have a very happy Monday and a blessed week.
Much love xxx

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