Robin Williams. Sunrise- 21st July 1951 : Sunset- 8th August 2014

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Robin McLaurin Williams.  Actor, comedian, stand up comedian, film producer and screen writer. 
The world is still in shock to hear that he passed away yesterday August 11th 2014.

I remember Robin from some of my favourite films as a child.  I loved to watch comedy films, films that made you giggle and howl with laughter.  

I watched Robin play Batty Koda in Fern Gully, and transported us to a magical world of faries and magic ( way before Avatar).  I had the film on VHS and recall slotting the tape into the machine, whenever I could get the television on its own.
I know all the words to Aladdin.  The genie was always my favourite character and the great friendship him and aladdin had used to fill me with warmth.  I have this film in my collection today.
You could always catch Hook on television, on a Sunday afternoon.  Hook is one of those films that childhoods are made of. Robin made The character of Peter Pan come alive and fill us with dread about growing up, ha!  

You will ALL be familiar with Robin playing the nanny Mrs. Doubtfire.  I loved the part where Uncle Frank and Aunt Jack tired and tested all of their make up and wax on Daniel to try and turn him into a woman.  And the famous line- "Helloooooooo dear!!!" When he emerges out the fridge with cake face to a shocked Mrs Sellner to which he replies "I'm sorry dear, I must look like a yeti in this." Hahahaha.
I also had Jumanji on VHS, where Robin played Alan Parrish.  My favourite line has to be when Sarah Whittle says "Well...a little rain never hurt anybody." And Alan replies "Yeah, but a lot can kill ya."  I used to fear the Hunter as a child.  I liked the bit when monkey Peter uses the axe he's looking for to get into the shed, then he realises what he's doing hahah.  And what about when the aunt calls the house for Judy and Peter- Judy picks up and puts on a posh English accent to say "Oh im sorry dear, I think you have the wrong number!" And promptly hangs up. Hahah can you tell I love that film. I own that on DVD too.  

Robin also gave us the story of a mad scientist who created flubber, the tale of a young boy called Jack who ages rapidly, and a favourite of my little Unicorn lovers, Happy Feet, the penguin movie.  With a career spanning from 1977 until the present day, its safe to say Robin Williams made a mark in everyone's film collection or their splitting sides! 

Haven't seen any of those?! How about- 
Good will Hunting, Patch Adams, Bicentennial Man, A.I Artificial Intelligence, One Hour Photo, RV or. Night at the Museum to name a few. How about one of the 25 television shows he was in?  Mork and Mindy being the most recognised.

Mr. Robin Williams thank you for the memories sir. May god bless your soul and keep your loved ones. Your comedy will live on forever.  Much, much love. XXX



  1. 'Mork and Mindy' was such a funny show. Robin Williams wasn't afraid to be different. He had such an infectious personality with every character he portrayed. I always remember your love for the 'Mrs Doubtfire' movie, with all the texts and emails you send me with 'Hellooooo dear'. Suicide is such a serious, confusing matter. We have no right to judge!! So, let's remember him as the guy who made us laugh when we were kids... believing in magic, fairies, come-to-life board games. The guy who made us tear up with emotions with his determination in helping out a stubborn Matt Damon in 'Good Will Hunting'. I remember watching 'Bicentennial Man' when I was younger and how I felt so sad and moved with the idea of a robot loving a human. Love is shown in so many different forms. I think this was a lovely post Peaches. Amazing how many generations of people he touched xxx

  2. That is exactly how we shall remember him! He loved the world very much to make us laugh in so many different roles.

    Thank you. I am glad you like the post.

    Much love. xxx


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