Special People.


Life is full of good and bad people.  Both of which will teach you lessons.  Aside from them there is the odd special person who will walk in to your life and take your breath away.  I have one of those people.

I would like to dedicate my 70th post to the person who has only ever influenced my life positively- my best friend. 

Without you, what would I be doing I wonder?  How would I have learnt to forgive and act with love?  Who else could I possibly talk to about making decisions (because I have so much trouble deciding)? 

You may not always feel appreciated, but I promise you my heart sings for you.  Nobody is perfect but what matters is we try, right?  Thank you for trying. 

In the hours that I am unsure you appear and remind me I am enough.  You remind me that I am doing the best I can.  We all need a little reminder right?  Thank you for reminding me.

When I need some comfort, you run to me with hugs, wrapping me in love and reassurance.  We all need hugs sometimes right?  Thank you for hugging me. 

Even when I am physically alone I can feel your warm spirit in the depth of my heart, your gentle voice in the forefront of my mind, and I am able to envision your smiling face, ever so encouraging. 

Thank you for being special.  Thank you for being you.  Thank you for being my best friend.  I love you.  Friends forever.

All my love xxx 


  1. This is such a sweet post! I'm sure your best friend really appreciates this :) x

    Sinead - Dreaming Again

  2. Thank you Sinead :) xxx


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