Inspired Shorts.

Those Days


Those days when the weather offers no light just grim grey skies and damp earthy mugginess.  Days of frustration mixed with claustrophobia.  Why cant we escape?  Escapism starts in the mind and stays only there.  A man in a 12 by 10ft cell can have infinite freedom if he has the right mind-set, while people in apartments and four bedrooms houses with two bathrooms, may not see the wood for the trees.   

Open up your little mind and think outside your box.  I wish you could see that the world is bigger than your self-inflicted painful thoughts.  Darling, you are only harming yourself.  The word passes you by while you beat yourself up; your family, your friends, they are living.  Replaying your guilt achieves nothing but anguish and feeds the cycle of evil.  Don't you know cycles never end? 

Do not be another one defeated by the cycle; you can run farther than the rest.  Use that beautiful strength to persevere.  You display such courage!  Alas, in the wrong departments.  Swap the misplaced emotions and slot them into the correct situations.  One day you will watch every thing come together and remember these words.  Can you envision that day?  Try harder.  

The Universe grants that which we visualise.  Imagine the anxiety-free happiness.  The lack of low self esteem.  One day.  One day there will be no more of those days. 

The End.

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