Let's Have a Blessed Week

Time is the only thing that cannot be regained once it is spent.  This weekend, I was forced to be reminded how precious time is, how short life can be.  I take time for granted too much, although I am sure I am not the only one.  Once time has gone, you wonder why you did not appreciate it more.  That is regret.  Regret is an ugly feeling... Coupled with guilt, it can wear you down.  Nobody wants to feel guilty.  What brings me hope is that I know how I can appreciate my time.  Time with my loved ones, time with my friends, time with people whom I care for and treasure.
Often we put off spending time with people in favour of work commitments or something less important.  We make plans only for them to fall through, we keep telling ourselves we will meet up with Tom, Dick or Harry, and we make promise after promise to 'see each other soon' only to neglect that pact when we find other more frivolous activities to partake in.  In all honesty, people do not mean to do those things, they just assume everyone will be around.  Forever. 
With this thought in mind I have come to the conclusion that this weeks goal is...

Goal-  To spend time with my loved ones and those precious people, in any shape or form.

Positive Thought-  I have the power to appreciate time.  I know how to appreciate time.  I can enhance my life and the life of others just by spending some time.

To all my readers, new and old, please spend your time wisely.  Love those who love you back and cherish your nearest and dearest. 

Love and blessings to you and yours.  Have a blessed week.

Much Love, Peachy x


Leave me a comment! I enjoy reading what you think. Love you all xx

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