Let's Have A Blessed Week

Shall we take a moment? 

A moment to just be; be still. Be us.  Be calm.  Just be.  It's OK not to just...sit.  Allowing ourselves to be dragged through life, never really noticing our actions or surroundings, creates a lack of enjoyment.  A lack of life.

Just be.  Don't think. Just, be.

You shouldn't have to be bogged down in sand to be still.

Take five and concentrate on your moment.  Be fully present. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.  Count 10 repetitions.  You are blessed.  Say it aloud.  You are blessed.  Say it louder!  Now we you can resume your regular scheduled programming.  Only this time try to be in the moment and not floating off elsewhere.  Practise makes perfect; you will get better and better at just be-ing. 

Remember it is OK to just be.  Taking stock for 5 minutes will not hurt anyone, least of all you.  Take 2 minutes if you don't have 5!  Try it, at least once a day.  It is OK to 'just be'.

Have a blessed week!

Much love, Peachy x


  1. Its crazy how we drain ourselves everyday. Busy with life & sometimes over silly things. Very rarely I'll find myself in a moment where I feel blessed. It can be anywhere (usually somewhere/sometime unexpectedly) and when it happens it really is true happiness. If only there more moments in the week like that. This post was a little reminder for me, so thanks Peachy x

  2. You're very welcome. Here's to more moments of true happiness! x


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