Thankful Thursday


Its Thursday! Happy Thursday!  This week I am inspired by my wonderful friend Kayla's blog The Giggles of Life.  I adore her Thankful Thursday posts every week.  They put me in a beautiful mood and fill me with love and joy.  I am inspired to make more of an effort to be thankful and add more to my documentation about such thankfulness.  So, first and foremost I am thankful for Kayla and her wonderful blog. 

This week has been an interesting one. 

I am grateful I have been able to spend some time with my family. 

I have also been able to learn some much needed lessons, however hard it might have been to learn them!  Experience is always something to be grateful for, in my book.  Where would we be without mistakes and experience?  I thank the Universe for teaching such lessons.

It has been amazing to just be, this week.  I never imagined I would be where I am in life.  I am blessed to be doing what I am doing, living the life I live and having love surround me.  I promise to try and recognise love no matter what form it presents itself in.

The rain is tedious to most but here I am thanking the Universe for it!.  It seems to have been so long since it has rained that I actually do not mind.  I remind my little Unicorn lovers, if they ever grumble about the downpour, that there are countries praying for rain, countries going through drought, countries needing rain but having to go without. Let us be thankful water falls from the sky when it feels like it.

Over this next week I wish you all abundance of thankful moments, oodles of love and frequent showers of joy.  It may be gloomy outside sometimes, but let the sun always shine in your heart.
                                                               Much love xxx


  1. Why do you have to be so nice!! I'm in bed, in the dark reading this and tonight I will sleep with a smile on my face & dream about Unicorns dancing in the rain. I was feeling the same way today about the heavy rain. We're very lucky to have it. And I do enjoy listening to it, hitting against the window :) I'm also very thankful to you and your blog. You make me not forget the simplicities there are to life. And that we should feel blessed with having them. I'm excited to see more on your thankful Thursday list... The more the merrier :)

    Kayla xxx

  2. Thank you Sheepy. Unicorn dreams are always a winner. :-)


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