Thankful Thursday

When in doubt, have a donut.

Ooooh I'm back for a second week running with my Thankful Thursday (Kayla I'm sure you are proud).  There are certain weeks where you really need to be thankful.  And I mean that, there are weeks where things seem difficult, and it is those times that we really need to remember to be thankful. 

Study days have been a godsend for me this week.  I am so blessed to have one, two or even three study days a week.  That really means a lot to me and my family.  I am pretty sure God knows this as I regularly praise him for delivering me such a blessing.

Donuts. Doughnuts.  Such delightful sugary goodness.  Gifted to me by my Unicorn lovers for keeping me warm on study evenings.  They joined me for breakfast on  a random Sunday morning last week.  Sweet deliciousness.

Lessons.  Yes, I have learned even more this week!  It seems the perfect opportunity to grow personally and spiritually never eludes me; blessing number three.

Date nights and takeaways.  'Spending time is precious.'

The absence of social media apps.  I am thankful for the silence of my phone.  I no longer have constant Whats App messages going off or Instagram notifications to tend to, or  Snapchat to aid my procrastination..  It really is magical.

Kindle Unlimited.  FREE BOOKS! I discovered this while casually browsing through the Kindle page on Amazon.  I nearly sprouted wings and flew I was so excited.  You pay a set price a month and have an access to over 650,000 books.  A-MAZING.  I do not know what they never thought of it before.  As an avid reader and book fanatic I think it is the best thing since Unicorn dust. 
(Have a look here)

Tea.  There has been a cup of tea for every emotion this week.  Where would I be without tea? (Probably drinking coffee and that is just not acceptable).

I am also thankful for YOU.  THANK YOU for reading.  I send love to each and everyone of you who reads my posts.  Lots and lots of love.

Peachy x


  1. Trés proud hun :) I agree with there being tea for every mood :) Where would we be without it?
    Kayla xxx


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