Those Life Changing Reads.


There are times in your life where you are drawn to certain books, for whatever reason, and when you get into the book, things around you start to make sense.  Have you ever felt that?  Some books just speak to your heart.  This one sung to my Unicorn's hoofs.

I will admit, it took me a couple of months to finish it, but I'm okay with that.  I find that these kind of books call out for you when you need them. 

Last weekend I was feeling like I didn't know my purpose in life, like I didn't have what I wanted.  I spoke to my friend and she told me to just be thankful.  Focus on what you do have, and be thankful for it.  You have to learn to love life- that starts with appreciation of your blessings.  We are all blessed whether we recognise it or not.  Many people will go through the pain of not having the life, that you are being ungrateful for.  We must remember that happiness is a feeling, like upset, sadness and excitement.  Feelings do not last forever.  Enjoy happiness while it is present.  Understand that it isn't never ending, but that it is coming back!  The sooner we can accept this, then we will soon notice happiness come and go more often.  After that conversation, the next day I picked up Manuscript Found in Accra and the chapter I was at, supported much of what my friend had said. 

The story of a man who offers wisdom and reality to a group of people who await their countries invasion, is well worth the read.  Get yourself a copy, take a deep breath and get stuck in.

Much love. xxx

Let's Have A Blessed Week

Let music be our words, our thoughts, our guidance.

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This morning I have been listening to Rabbit Holes by Thology Feat. Maeve.  Ahhhhh what a groove!  This is the type of tune you want to be listening to when you wake up on a Monday! Have a listen here.

Music is so powerful.  If you are not much of a music listener, find something you like a give it a whirl.  Music should uplift you, invoke emotions and provide you with a outlet to just 'let go'.  Shall we try it? Just let go this week!  At any given opportunity; lose yourself in the music.

"If it wasn't for the music I don't know what we'd do.  You know the music stepped in and saved my life." ~ DJ Narrows, Saved Soul
There is a never-ending supply of music out there.  You will be sure to find something that rocks your Unicorn.

Goal- Take five or ten minutes a day, and get down to something funky.  Out your headphones on, or turn your speakers up and jam.

Positive Thought- Letting go of thoughts and inhibitions for a few minutes can do no harm.  In fact, its probably a very healthy thing to do!

I'd love to hear what you're listening to, so feel free to let me know.

Have a blessed week! Much love x

Let's Have a Blessed Week

Stand back and focus.

There is a saying that be honest I can't remember the exact words, but its something like 'you shouldn't worry during tough times because they don't last.'  (I'm pretty sure that's nothing like it, but the interpretation is the same). 

It is so easy to get caught up in a bad mood or let things affect you so much that they cause you stress.  Can we gain some perspective please?  Remove yourself from the situation, take out your lens and focus on the bigger picture.  Chances are you will realise that whatever you are buggin' about will not matter in 5 years time.  And that's the million dollar question; 'will this matter in 5 years time?'
If you answer yes, then ask yourself the question again, and consider it properly.

Don't get me wrong, there are situation that can be devastating, which may affect your life further down the line...  It seems that human can focus on the little things a lot more than they should and those are the issues I am referring to. 

Have a go this week.  I am in for a busy one so I will be sure to need perspective. Let your positive thought be that you can overcome your feelings of not being able to deal with the situation.  Control the situation by asking the question, so as not to let the situation overwhelm you.  You would not believe the things I have stressed about, only to feel like a fool 10 minutes later when everything becomes okay again.  Now I know I have the power to diffuse a bad mood/stress.

I wish you all a wonderful week.  Sending you lots of love and good vibes xxx

From Where I Stand...

From where I stand, Love makes the world go round.  Love is the centre of the Universe.  I aim to act with Love as I go about my daily routines.  I endeavour to think of others and be there for those who need me.  I want to surprise my loved ones with affection and warmth so they can be reminded of Love.

Life is beautiful.  Stop and take a minute.  Look not at the pavement in front of you, but up and around; above your head and to the neighbour next to you.  Really see the sky for what it is.  Really feel the warmth of the sun and fresh air on your face.  Do not just glance at the trees, but take in their colours and shapes.  Autumn is here, did you realise?

Have you noticed that, there are things you do not notice?  We go through life with our eyes wide shut, forgetting all that we have experienced, neglecting our love of things that we regularly do.  Put your all in, 'give it some welly!'  Be present while you wash the dishes.  Show up to do the ironing.  Feel alive as you sort out your clothes for the next morning.

When did we stop living?

Happy Saturday. xxx

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