From Where I Stand...

From where I stand, Love makes the world go round.  Love is the centre of the Universe.  I aim to act with Love as I go about my daily routines.  I endeavour to think of others and be there for those who need me.  I want to surprise my loved ones with affection and warmth so they can be reminded of Love.

Life is beautiful.  Stop and take a minute.  Look not at the pavement in front of you, but up and around; above your head and to the neighbour next to you.  Really see the sky for what it is.  Really feel the warmth of the sun and fresh air on your face.  Do not just glance at the trees, but take in their colours and shapes.  Autumn is here, did you realise?

Have you noticed that, there are things you do not notice?  We go through life with our eyes wide shut, forgetting all that we have experienced, neglecting our love of things that we regularly do.  Put your all in, 'give it some welly!'  Be present while you wash the dishes.  Show up to do the ironing.  Feel alive as you sort out your clothes for the next morning.

When did we stop living?

Happy Saturday. xxx

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