Let's Have A Blessed Week

Let music be our words, our thoughts, our guidance.

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This morning I have been listening to Rabbit Holes by Thology Feat. Maeve.  Ahhhhh what a groove!  This is the type of tune you want to be listening to when you wake up on a Monday! Have a listen here.

Music is so powerful.  If you are not much of a music listener, find something you like a give it a whirl.  Music should uplift you, invoke emotions and provide you with a outlet to just 'let go'.  Shall we try it? Just let go this week!  At any given opportunity; lose yourself in the music.

"If it wasn't for the music I don't know what we'd do.  You know the music stepped in and saved my life." ~ DJ Narrows, Saved Soul
There is a never-ending supply of music out there.  You will be sure to find something that rocks your Unicorn.

Goal- Take five or ten minutes a day, and get down to something funky.  Out your headphones on, or turn your speakers up and jam.

Positive Thought- Letting go of thoughts and inhibitions for a few minutes can do no harm.  In fact, its probably a very healthy thing to do!

I'd love to hear what you're listening to, so feel free to let me know.

Have a blessed week! Much love x

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