Those Life Changing Reads.


There are times in your life where you are drawn to certain books, for whatever reason, and when you get into the book, things around you start to make sense.  Have you ever felt that?  Some books just speak to your heart.  This one sung to my Unicorn's hoofs.

I will admit, it took me a couple of months to finish it, but I'm okay with that.  I find that these kind of books call out for you when you need them. 

Last weekend I was feeling like I didn't know my purpose in life, like I didn't have what I wanted.  I spoke to my friend and she told me to just be thankful.  Focus on what you do have, and be thankful for it.  You have to learn to love life- that starts with appreciation of your blessings.  We are all blessed whether we recognise it or not.  Many people will go through the pain of not having the life, that you are being ungrateful for.  We must remember that happiness is a feeling, like upset, sadness and excitement.  Feelings do not last forever.  Enjoy happiness while it is present.  Understand that it isn't never ending, but that it is coming back!  The sooner we can accept this, then we will soon notice happiness come and go more often.  After that conversation, the next day I picked up Manuscript Found in Accra and the chapter I was at, supported much of what my friend had said. 

The story of a man who offers wisdom and reality to a group of people who await their countries invasion, is well worth the read.  Get yourself a copy, take a deep breath and get stuck in.

Much love. xxx

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