2014 you have been....

We all have a golden ticket.  We all have a golden chance to make our way. And with our golden tickets, its a golden day.

Wow. The last month of 2014.  I can remember what I was doing exactly this time last year, I can remember what I was doing on January 1st 2014.

What a difference a year makes!

I can definitely say I am not doing the same thing I was doing in January 2014.  Things have changed.  Events have happened.  Lessons have been learned.  Friends have been made.  Birthdays have been had.  Above all we are blessed.

And that is my lesson of the year for sure.  Blessings.  How can we go after the things we want when we do not believe in what we already have?  Let us be thankful for what we have.  For, there are people out there fighting for the very position we are taking for granted.  Everything you have, is someone else's dream. 

Someone would give their right arm to have a child, to have that job you detest, to have a loyal boyfriend who burps in front of your parents, to live in that nice flat you can't be bothered to clean...  Focussing on what you do not have only brings more of negative feelings.  Remember what you have, and blessing will fall upon you in abundance. 

You know those days where everyone is getting on your nerves and you're 'having a bad day'?  That's your attitude.  Your ungratefulness.  Your negative mind-set.

"Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at will change."

Funnily enough lessons and such come to you in the strangest of times.  2014 has been an eventful year.  I have had wonderful things happen in my life, some not so good things and had news that I would rather not have had.  I have been through every emotion possible.  I have lived harder than the previous year, and had some real highlights that I will treasure forever.  I do not think I am the same person who started 2014.

Whatever your year has been like, always remember you have memories, time is a great healer and every second is a chance to live better than before.

I wish you all a blessed December.  Much love xxx


  1. Your posts always put things into perspective for me. Love reading them thank you x

  2. That's a wonderful comment :) Thank You x


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