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I think humans get to an age where whoever they have been all their life, is what they will remain as. Some people will never change. That is something I have found hard to accept.

Your body says "more water please"!

Sarah and Duck are partial to a cup of lemon water.
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I have never been a water drinker.  Fruit juice and squash appeal to me much more than a glass of wet fresh air.  However, we all have to learn whats best for our body, and unfortunately water is just that. 

Paradise is sugar-filled

"If you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it. Anything you want to, do it. Want to change the world? There’s nothing to it. -Willy Wonka
Heaven looks like a sweet shop.  See the look of pure happiness on my face? That's caused by being comfortable in knowing my sugar intake has no limit.  I am way beyond therapy and past caring.  What greater joy is there bar, taking your time selecting the perfect variety of pick n mix?!
I am not sure why I was chosen by God to be a sweet monster, but please believe I am the sugar connoisseur.  If there is a sweet worth knowing about, I know about it.  Even the dodgy ones...(that was aimed at those disgusting Camel Balls).  
If I had no hands, I could count on one of them the amount of times I have felt sick after polishing off a bag of sugary goodness.  
Life has always included sweeties, and more recently candy from across the pond.  Some people drink Vodka (no, I don't know why either), some smoke, others consume Pot Noodle. Me? I eat sweets.
From marshmallows to bubblegum flavoured turtles, and Nougat and Candy Sticks, pure bliss is easily achieved with a bag of the good stuff.  I think the world would be a happier place with a bag of pick n mix every so often.  Don't take my word for it though; next time you pass the sweetie aisle or an old skool sweet shop -hit me up for locations in and around London- take a trip inside and let your inner child loose on the selection.
Take your time.  Fill up your pockets/paper bags till your heart tells you to stop.  You wont be the only one spending £20 odd quid on the good stuff.
Just don't forget to brush your teeth kids.

Five Tips for a Healthier Happier You | Guest Post by Bonita Rochelle

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Sometimes we get caught up in our day to day's, forgetting we need to eat or keep active, that's okay sometimes because life is manic and gets like that, but we need to remember we only have one body and we need to look after it like our life depends on it, because.. It does. 

Music for the Soul - DMZ

Tenth of the seventh 2015, DMZ is Ten.

Music for the soul- Luther Vandross

Today marks the 10 year anniversary of the death of Luther Vandross.  
This song 'A House is not a Home', is one of my favourite songs of his, bar 'Dance with my Father'.  Although originally recorded by Dionne Warwick, Vandross's version is renowned as something special.

The book that changed my life

The Celestine Prophecy
This is the book that changed my life.

A helping hand: a valuable lesson

Sometimes its best to stand on your own foot. 
Everyone needs help sometimes.  Some may not admit it or realise it, but they do.  In the past it has been hard for me to admit I need help.  In fact, I never did.  I was a person who suffered in silence and just got on with things.  If I couldn't do something myself I would rather not do it than ask for help.  Silly I guess.  I was used to doing things alone and never relying on others.  

Why you should vote in the election.

General election 7th May 2015, in the United Kingdom.  Have you registered to vote? 
Today is the LAST day to register to vote.
You can register here.

Sunshine, Funtime.

The sun is a wonderful thing.  
As I got ready this morning, for no reason at all I felt happy.  Not that this is unusual, but happy without a cause.  What gorgeous weather, I said to myself.  Its the sun.  The sun puts everyone in a good mood.

Mind, Body & Spirit

[From top left, clockwise]
1. Mindfulness in 8 weeks by Michael Chaskalson
2. The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield
3. Feel the Fear and do it anyway by Susan Jeffers
4.  The Power by Rhonda Byrne
I'm back in the mind, body & spirit section of the book store again.  If you are not familiar with my wavering beliefs, in Spirituality and Christianity you can read about it HERE for some background information.


Definition of Family-  A group of people from a common stock,
                                                                 A group of related things 

1 Year!

On this day, exactly 1 year ago, The Randomness of Unicorns was born!

A special mention to my little people who show a huge interest in mummy's hobby
and drew this picture <3

I can remember the exact moment I came up with the name for my blog.  The Randomness of Unicorns, was the second potential name I came up with,,.  Something about it just clicked with me and that was that.  It sums up both the wonder and madness that is my mind, and invokes a feeling of adventure within me.

I am so very proud of my creation.  It is just how imagined it to be.  I am able to express my creativity through writing.  Here, in my little bubble I can  convey the hopes, dreams and fears my heart holds.  I can exhibit my thoughts and experiences in a safe environment.  On a steady platform.

I value every single person who reads my posts: whether a serial reader, a sporadic reader or a one time passer-by.  The feeling of people taking an interest in something you have worked hard to present is amazing.  Even more amazing if they can take something from it.

Writing to me is a form of declaration.  A way in which one can organise their thought patterns.  A chance to spread positivity to others (and remember positivity can be found in everything).

As I live, I learn. 
As I learn, I write.  
As I write, I Love. 

Thank you so, so much for reading.  Much Love, Peachy xxx

A caffeine free life.

I have always been a hot drink lover.  Whether it be tea, a starbucks coffee or a hot chocolate.

I grew up in a household that loved a cup of tea.  Namely, Tetleys or PG tips.  I never saw any harm in consuming tea, however when I got to my teens my mother introduced me to fruit/herbals teas and I would occasionally have a one of them.  My favourite was lemon and ginger.  And we also had peppermint in the house.

I was far from a coffee drinker but Starbucks made coffee attractive.  I really liked their Caramel Nut Lattes or their Caramel Mochas.  I want to add that coffee had what I would call a bizarre affect on me.  Rather than keep me awake, it would make me hyper and giggly, but my eyes wold feel so tired. The high lasted for about an hour max and then I'd suddenly feel very sleepy.  I had an unfortunate experience with caffeine a few years ago where for no reason at all I felt depressed -  Sad and very unhappy with a feeling of anxiousness.  I felt very lethargic and unmotivated and I could only relate it to the coffee I had just consumed.  It was a very scary experience.  After it passed, I swore I would never to consume caffeine again.

Following this, a family member told me that tea actually had caffeine in it too.  As silly as it sounds I had no idea!  This pushed me to cut out normal tea completely.

I researched the effects of caffeine and found that it is a stimulant that acts on the central nervous system to imitate the bodys "fight or flight" response.  Being stressed can heighten the effects of caffeine.

You may even be surprised to know that milk and dark chocolate contain caffeine.  Although, milk chocolate contains less than dark chocolate.  Caffeine is also present in green tea.

Here's what I'm drinking at the moment.

I have found an alternative to caffeineated tea called Rooiboos, which is a plant that originates from South Africa.  To me, it tastes like normal tea, but obviously does not contain the caffeine content.  I like Tetley's Redbush version (they also do one with vanilla).

There are many varieties and flavours of herbal/fruit teas, and they each have properties that are good for the body, not to mention they taste great.  Now,you will all know what I mean when you hear me say I am enjoying a nice cup of tea.

Next time you are in the supermarket, why not have a look at the fruit made find there is a flavour that appeals to you.

Much Love.  Peachy x

Be Love.

Image taken from Pinterest
Love makes the world go round.  Love is the answer.  Love over everything.  I believe this more than anything.  However, I find it harder to put in place than it sounds.

I was always taught to treat people how you want to be treated, but there are times in life where you want to treat others how you think they deserve!  I struggle between this, and being Love.  

Love wants us to treat each other as equals; to be rational, to be wise, to be caring, thoughtful, empathetic. 
As humans we want to retaliate.  To harm.  To always be right.  Everything Love is not.

Personally, I have to remind myself to act with Love in testing situations.  If I feel someone is wrong/ putting me down, it becomes important to me to prove I am right- to have that person come around to my way of thinking.  If am in a dispute with a friend and they refuse to communicate with me, eventually when that person comes around, my first instinct is to disregard them like they did me.  

But what does that then say about me?  Does it solve the conflict or exacerbate things? What I can tell you, is behaving in that way, stooping to that persons level, makes me feel crap. Like I have sold myself short; I know I am better than that behaviour, and it is definitely not in my nature.  Love is in my heart so I should act like it.

That teaches me, I should have acted with love.

And I will tell you this, the people who act without Love are the ones who need it the most,  The most angry, aggressive, hateful people need love.  Love is the remedy for all the negative.  The hatred, the evil.

Be love.

(And it seems all of my best lessons are learn from hindsight.  How ironic.)

Much Love.x

The Book of You - A review

The Book of You, is a creepy thriller about Clarissa and her colleague Rafe.  Rafe is obsessed with Clarissa.  He turns up wherever she is.  He  sends her letters.  He involves himself in her life.  He is relentless.

Clarissa is selected for jury service where she thinks she will be able to evade Rafe.  Hearing the victim stand in court telling a tale of sadism and abuse, Clarissa starts to compare her life to that of the victim and realises her situation with Rafe can only end badly.

I picked up this book in Wh Smith, because the sinister cover caught my eye, and I'm always intrigued by a book part of the Richard and Judy Book Club.

Immediately, the story had me hooked.  The intensity of Clarissa's situation is made known from the first page.  I felt compelled to read on and find out how the situation would end.  Personally, I was disappointed with the ending as I felt it finished to abruptly.  I am a person who likes closure from a book; whether it ends badly or well, and I didn't get that from this book!

I would give it 4/5 stars.  Had the ending been different, it would have been 5.

I have a profile on Good Reads, so lets connect!  You can find my profile here.


Happy Tuesday All!!

I have let time get away from me lately and my blog has felt the effects.  It can be challenging, trying to balance home life, long hours at work and study, but I am going to give it a go!

When I am a way from the blog I feel like something is missing from my life.  I have been dedicating time to it for nearly a year now, so it has definitely become a part of my life.  The joys of blogging! The 1 year blogiversary of The Randomness of Unicorns will see me host a giveaway, so stay tuned for that next month.

I want to thank everyone who still drops my place, even through my absence, and those of you who are still patiently waiting for another morsel of Unicorn love; it means the world to me <3

Have a wonderful day no matter what you are doing.  Enjoy special moments and eat cake should the occasion arrive....more importantly- HAPPY PANCAKE DAY!!

Much love, Peachy xxxx

Take the time to read. Please.



If someone tells me that they do not read, I'm flabbergasted.  "What do you mean you don't read?!" "How can you not like reading?!"  I genuinely do not understand people who do not read, and I mean that in the least judgmental way possible.  The joy of reading a good book is immeasurable.  The excitement of following a dramatic story or a creepy thriller or even a disturbing horror can not compare to watching a film. 

As a child my mother used to read to me a lot.  When I was old enough to choose my own books, I would sit for hours devouring one after the other.  I can remember reading all the books I owned twice, when I didn't have the money to buy new ones.  I was the girl in the library as a teenager, exiting with a stack of 8 books and returning them two weeks later, all completely read.  Writing and books were my thing.  They still are!  My mother would marvel at the speed at which I read.  I have passed down the reading habits she instilled in me, to my little Unicorn lovers.  I read to them often and have enforced upon them, the practice of going to the library.  We enjoy taking trips to obscure libraries and leaving with backpacks full of great reads.

Reading is not just about the book; its the whole process of finding somewhere comfortable and having something to drink and losing yourself for a few minutes or hours.  The one time your mind will be free of thoughts and worries is when you are stuck in a book.  How can you deny the mind such a pleasure?

Play out your dream life in paper.  Read about people in similar situations.  Learn something from the wise.

It is equally as satisfying to sit in a quiet park, alone on a picnic rug,  with a cold drink and your latest read, as opposed to sitting in the corner of the sofa with your favourite hot drink in total silence, with a wonderful paperback.

Whatever your interests are, there is a book out there just for you.  I promise.  I PROMISE.  Take the time to walk around a book shop and select something that catches your eye.  Read the first few pages, scan the first few chapters...  Not instantly captivated? No matter, pick another,  Take it home and make some time to get involved in your new story.  Feel your inhibitions melt away.  Its just you and your book.  Focus on the words as they tell their story.  Visualise the tale playing out, put yourself in the characters' shoes.  Take your time if you please-  It doesn't matter when you finish it, no one is judging you.  You will soon find yourself going back for more and more, until one'll find you've completed your mission.  You are now a reader :)

I would love to hear what you are all reading.  Let me know what books have been the most memorable or what you are currently reading.

Much love and happy reading!

Peachy x

We are the music makers. And we are the dreamers of dreams

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Music is love.  Music is healing.  Music is pain.  Music is joy.  Music is comfort.

I am a BIG music fan.

There is a song for every emotion, feeling and thought. 
An album for every hardship, an album for every love story, and an album for every new home. 
There is an artist for every mood, an instrumental for every circumstance, a mix for every groove and a collaboration for every relationship.

I am a music lover, not a music trend follower.  I just listen to what I love.   Last year I have discovered Spotify (yes I know I'm late, but better late than never eh?)  I thought I would share a few songs from my playlists... 

Thology ft. Maeve- Rabbit Holes
What a groove! A bouncy soulful vibe from Synchronicity Records.  Whenever I play this, its always on repeat.  Have a listen here !

Nas feat. Amy Winehouse - Cherry Wine
Such a beautiful chorus.  This song makes me think of my love.

The Carpenters- We've Only Just begun
I feel emotional whenever I listen to this song.  There is a sadness about it, but its a beautiful song.  I actually had a feeling something tragic had happened to the duo.  After researching, I found out the female lead died from heart failure as a consequence of anorexia nervosa.  You will know this song if you have seen the film 1408.  After watching that, I can no longer listen to the full song!

Kwabs- Wrong or Right
First heard this guy sing Katy Perry's Dark Horse on Radio 1 Live Lounge.. What an incredible voice!  You know when you hear someone sing for the first time and their voice just gets you? 

Lauryn Hill- The Mystery of Iniquity
From the renowned MTV Unplugged album.  The chorus of this song was interpolated on Kanye West's track All Falls Down.  A deep hard hitting melodic outburst of realness.

Carly Simon- You're So Vain
A classic in my eyes.  Featured in the film How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days.

Luther Vandross- A House Is Not A Home
One of the greats. An easy listening song.  Kanye West sampled this for his track Slow Jamz feat. Jamie Foxx and Twister.  A rendition was sung by Jermain Jackman on The Voice last year.

Eminem- Rap God
This is archetypal Em.  Definitely shows why he is heads above the rest.  Lyrical genius.

Deee-Lite- Groove Is In The Heart
One of my all time favourite songs ever. Impossible not to shack out to this!

Sia- Little Man
This song remind me of my youth because the garage remix by Sticky is an iconic garage anthem.  To this day if this gets played in a rave, people go crazy for it.  This is however the mellow, soulful original.

N*SYNC- I thought she knew
Three minutes and twenty two seconds of acapella deliciousness from my favourite boy band.  I am still hoping they will reform!  For the record JC was always my favourite, and in my opinion the better singer.

Rudimental feat MNEK & Syron- Spoons
Best track on the Album Home by Rudimental , in my opinion. A lot of emotion behind this tune for me; nothing specific, just in the way it makes me feel.

Mos Def- Ms. Fat Booty
From the classic album Black On Both Sides.  

Kim English - Nite Life
An old skool, house vibe. I like the original, but there's also a speeded up version on Pure Garage IV, for anyone who has that in their collection, ha!

Feel free to name me one of your favourite songs :)

Much love. xx

A Message To You Rudy.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

This evening I come baring news- I will now be updating The Randomness of Unicorns on Tuesday and Saturday.  Let this be the first post of my brand spanking new schedule!

I'm excited for The Randomness of Unicorns this year; March will mean a whole year since the birth of my blog.  Very, very exciting!

I am up to my eyeballs in inspiration for the blog, itching to put pen to paper and churn out some quality posts.  I have wonderful words and notions floating around in my head, which I am taking the time to perfect.  To tide you over until Saturday, if you have not read my last post on my Reiki Healing experience, you can view it here.   Or feel free to have a read of my Sisterhood of World Bloggers Award post, here.

I would like to thank everyone who reads The Randomness of Unicorns.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I adore writing it.  There are few greater pleasures in life than words.

Much, much love, Peachy xxx


The past few years of my life, I have been on a journey...trying to 'find the meaning of my life and who I am' (a long title I know).  No one ever tells you that when you grow up, you don't just become who you want to be.  You don't just become someone you're satisfied with.  At least in my opinion.

My life changed the moment I read The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield.  Ever since then my beliefs, my life and the outlook I have on life have been different prior to reading that book.  I have read many a book since then.  I have learned to meditate.  I have focused on 'positive' affirmations and tried to rethink my thought processes. I started to go to church this year.  Every week.

And then I hit a snag, which you can read about in more detail here.  In recent months, I came to the realisation I was trying too hard.  Sometimes the spiritual path can work against you in those circumstances; over thinking things and being tough on yourself for not getting it correct first time round.  I lost my way for a bit.  Some weeks ago, I saw an post on Instagram about how Reiki Healing had helped someone in sort of the same position.  I had heard of Reiki before but never knew what it was.    So....I decided to contact the healer mentioned in the post.

Reiki healing is a form of energy healing.  It is able to remove negative blockages from the 7 main chakras in the body.  The release of this can be felt through physical pain or emotions. However, everyone's experience varies. 

Before the reiki, I had an angel card reading.  I didn't have any specific questions to ask my angels, but surprisingly, the cards I revealed were very accurate.

As a settled down to receive you healing I felt a little tense.  As my healer Jo, started to relax me I started to concentrate on the music and my breathing.  Jo placed her hands on the main chakras of my body, while I sat still with my eyes closed.  I felt really warm in the places I had been touched, like Id been burned.  Some places felt warmer than others.  I felt awake, although in reality I think I was deep in meditation.  It was sort of like a dream.  I saw shapes and had visions of things from my past and visions of events I had not known.  By time Jo had finished I was well and truly deep into the relaxed state.  It took me a few seconds to come around and open my eyes.   Immediately Jo asked me what I felt and I just cried!  I am not a person who 'believes in crying' - for want of a better phrase- so that took me aback slightly.  Jo and I sat for a few minutes talking about my visions, how I felt after the treatment and what to do next.  The calmness that came over me was almost like I was floating.  It was so surreal.

My experience has highlighted what the blockages are, that are holding me back.  What I found out about myself, definitely corresponds to how I operate emotionally and spiritually.  The after affects have left me very serene and content.

And I know this is just the beginning...

I wanted to share this with you all, because this is what my blog is all about; thoughts, life, spirituality, experiences and Love.  I want you all to know, that life is a magical journey.  The highs, the lows, the ups, the downs, the sideways!
I have spent some time processing the experience and just, being.  Reiki has left me feeling ready...for whatever!


If anyone would like to contact me to hear further about my Reiki experience or would be interested in having a Reiki healing done with my healer, please feel free to email me at -

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Sisterhood of World Bloggers Award 2


Thank you so much to Kayla at The Giggles of Life, for nominating me for this award.  This is my second nomination, so instead of nominating ten more bloggers, I will just answer the questions Kayla has set.  Here goes...

1.  What calms you down when you're stressed?
A nice cup of tea!  Or taking time out to focus on something else, before going back to the dilemma/problem.  Fresh eyes always look at things from a better perspective.

2.  Do you feel that blogging has made a difference in your life? How?
Yes, I do.  Blogging is a world of like-minded and not so like-minded people that can inspire and learn from each other.  I find myself reading things I didn't know about, and posting things on my blog I didn't know would resonate with people.  I have an opportunity to put my over-thinking mind to good use.  I can write to my heart is content.  Bliss.

3.  With your lottery winnings of £5million, how would you spend it?
I will always pay off all my bills first, if I ever come into money.  Then I would book a holiday; two weeks somewhere hot!  My close family and friends would receive monetary gifts, and the rest would go into a pot for my little Unicorn lovers.  What is wealth if you cannot share it with others?  A pretty lonely place.

4.  What is the most important trait you look for in a person (friend/partner)?
I seem to gravitate toward humorous people.  I like to be around those who can make me laugh or wanna sit and crack jokes with me.  Laughter is god for the soul.

5.  When you think of your childhood, what pops into your mind?
Monopoly hahaha.  My nan. And Jim Carey Movies.  Home Alone 1 & 2.

6.  With Christmas coming, what is the one thing you are most looking forward to?
Since this is after Christmas (I am a bit late), I will say I was most looking forward to being somewhere new for once.  I had the opportunity to get out of the city and I relished in it.

7.  Can you recommend a must-watch movie/book that has inspired you?
Book!  I am currently reading The Happiness Project by Gretchin Rubin.  I may do a blog post on it, so I won't go into it here.

8.  If you were a celebrity, what would you like to be famous for?
Something cool like, stopping Unicorn hair being used for weave.  In reality, it would be writing.  I would love to be famous for writing,

9.  Do you have any unusual funny habits/guilty pleasures?
Hmmm...Funny habits- I keep new clothes in the bags they came in until I am ready to wear them.  Guilty pleasures? I dunno. Pop music?

10.  What about the weekends do you most get excited for?
Not having to get out of bed!  I usually use my weekend to explore the city.  I am always a sightsee-er.

Peachy xx

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