Take the time to read. Please.



If someone tells me that they do not read, I'm flabbergasted.  "What do you mean you don't read?!" "How can you not like reading?!"  I genuinely do not understand people who do not read, and I mean that in the least judgmental way possible.  The joy of reading a good book is immeasurable.  The excitement of following a dramatic story or a creepy thriller or even a disturbing horror can not compare to watching a film. 

As a child my mother used to read to me a lot.  When I was old enough to choose my own books, I would sit for hours devouring one after the other.  I can remember reading all the books I owned twice, when I didn't have the money to buy new ones.  I was the girl in the library as a teenager, exiting with a stack of 8 books and returning them two weeks later, all completely read.  Writing and books were my thing.  They still are!  My mother would marvel at the speed at which I read.  I have passed down the reading habits she instilled in me, to my little Unicorn lovers.  I read to them often and have enforced upon them, the practice of going to the library.  We enjoy taking trips to obscure libraries and leaving with backpacks full of great reads.

Reading is not just about the book; its the whole process of finding somewhere comfortable and having something to drink and losing yourself for a few minutes or hours.  The one time your mind will be free of thoughts and worries is when you are stuck in a book.  How can you deny the mind such a pleasure?

Play out your dream life in paper.  Read about people in similar situations.  Learn something from the wise.

It is equally as satisfying to sit in a quiet park, alone on a picnic rug,  with a cold drink and your latest read, as opposed to sitting in the corner of the sofa with your favourite hot drink in total silence, with a wonderful paperback.

Whatever your interests are, there is a book out there just for you.  I promise.  I PROMISE.  Take the time to walk around a book shop and select something that catches your eye.  Read the first few pages, scan the first few chapters...  Not instantly captivated? No matter, pick another,  Take it home and make some time to get involved in your new story.  Feel your inhibitions melt away.  Its just you and your book.  Focus on the words as they tell their story.  Visualise the tale playing out, put yourself in the characters' shoes.  Take your time if you please-  It doesn't matter when you finish it, no one is judging you.  You will soon find yourself going back for more and more, until one day...you'll find you've completed your mission.  You are now a reader :)

I would love to hear what you are all reading.  Let me know what books have been the most memorable or what you are currently reading.

Much love and happy reading!

Peachy x


  1. Currently reading gone girl! I'm on a 100 books in 2015 mission!!

  2. Ohhh I've read that, although I actually listened to the audio book because I couldn't get into the paperback. I would never have finished the book otherwise. How are you finding it?

    Im rooting for you on your reading goal!! x


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