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Music is love.  Music is healing.  Music is pain.  Music is joy.  Music is comfort.

I am a BIG music fan.

There is a song for every emotion, feeling and thought. 
An album for every hardship, an album for every love story, and an album for every new home. 
There is an artist for every mood, an instrumental for every circumstance, a mix for every groove and a collaboration for every relationship.

I am a music lover, not a music trend follower.  I just listen to what I love.   Last year I have discovered Spotify (yes I know I'm late, but better late than never eh?)  I thought I would share a few songs from my playlists... 

Thology ft. Maeve- Rabbit Holes
What a groove! A bouncy soulful vibe from Synchronicity Records.  Whenever I play this, its always on repeat.  Have a listen here !

Nas feat. Amy Winehouse - Cherry Wine
Such a beautiful chorus.  This song makes me think of my love.

The Carpenters- We've Only Just begun
I feel emotional whenever I listen to this song.  There is a sadness about it, but its a beautiful song.  I actually had a feeling something tragic had happened to the duo.  After researching, I found out the female lead died from heart failure as a consequence of anorexia nervosa.  You will know this song if you have seen the film 1408.  After watching that, I can no longer listen to the full song!

Kwabs- Wrong or Right
First heard this guy sing Katy Perry's Dark Horse on Radio 1 Live Lounge.. What an incredible voice!  You know when you hear someone sing for the first time and their voice just gets you? 

Lauryn Hill- The Mystery of Iniquity
From the renowned MTV Unplugged album.  The chorus of this song was interpolated on Kanye West's track All Falls Down.  A deep hard hitting melodic outburst of realness.

Carly Simon- You're So Vain
A classic in my eyes.  Featured in the film How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days.

Luther Vandross- A House Is Not A Home
One of the greats. An easy listening song.  Kanye West sampled this for his track Slow Jamz feat. Jamie Foxx and Twister.  A rendition was sung by Jermain Jackman on The Voice last year.

Eminem- Rap God
This is archetypal Em.  Definitely shows why he is heads above the rest.  Lyrical genius.

Deee-Lite- Groove Is In The Heart
One of my all time favourite songs ever. Impossible not to shack out to this!

Sia- Little Man
This song remind me of my youth because the garage remix by Sticky is an iconic garage anthem.  To this day if this gets played in a rave, people go crazy for it.  This is however the mellow, soulful original.

N*SYNC- I thought she knew
Three minutes and twenty two seconds of acapella deliciousness from my favourite boy band.  I am still hoping they will reform!  For the record JC was always my favourite, and in my opinion the better singer.

Rudimental feat MNEK & Syron- Spoons
Best track on the Album Home by Rudimental , in my opinion. A lot of emotion behind this tune for me; nothing specific, just in the way it makes me feel.

Mos Def- Ms. Fat Booty
From the classic album Black On Both Sides.  

Kim English - Nite Life
An old skool, house vibe. I like the original, but there's also a speeded up version on Pure Garage IV, for anyone who has that in their collection, ha!

Feel free to name me one of your favourite songs :)

Much love. xx

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