Be Love.

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Love makes the world go round.  Love is the answer.  Love over everything.  I believe this more than anything.  However, I find it harder to put in place than it sounds.

I was always taught to treat people how you want to be treated, but there are times in life where you want to treat others how you think they deserve!  I struggle between this, and being Love.  

Love wants us to treat each other as equals; to be rational, to be wise, to be caring, thoughtful, empathetic. 
As humans we want to retaliate.  To harm.  To always be right.  Everything Love is not.

Personally, I have to remind myself to act with Love in testing situations.  If I feel someone is wrong/ putting me down, it becomes important to me to prove I am right- to have that person come around to my way of thinking.  If am in a dispute with a friend and they refuse to communicate with me, eventually when that person comes around, my first instinct is to disregard them like they did me.  

But what does that then say about me?  Does it solve the conflict or exacerbate things? What I can tell you, is behaving in that way, stooping to that persons level, makes me feel crap. Like I have sold myself short; I know I am better than that behaviour, and it is definitely not in my nature.  Love is in my heart so I should act like it.

That teaches me, I should have acted with love.

And I will tell you this, the people who act without Love are the ones who need it the most,  The most angry, aggressive, hateful people need love.  Love is the remedy for all the negative.  The hatred, the evil.

Be love.

(And it seems all of my best lessons are learn from hindsight.  How ironic.)

Much Love.x

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